Friday, October 16, 2015

Turmeric, Part 2

The more turmeric is studied, the more it becomes apparent what a healing herb this is. From this month's Mother Earth magazine, here are some more facts. Turmeric is great for indigestion and IBS, it has great healing effects on gum inflammation, gingivitis, and reducing bacteria in the mouth. It helps fight infections including Staph, E coli, flu, herpes, hepatitis B and C, MRSA, salmonella and some fungi. It has great healing effects against psoriasis, and the best one maybe, in India the occurrence of Alzheimer's is very low compared to the U.S., because they eat so much turmeric, It has the ability to ward off brain diseases. this is because it inhibits the formation of amyloid. And that helps against the formation of tumors, Parkinson's and other cognitive failure. Add to that its amazing ability to ward off cancer, and you have a substance that is almost a no brainer, if you want to stay well. Most illnesses are caused b inflammation, and turmeric is an anti-inflammatory, one of the best. Oxidation promotes inflammation and vice versa. Which accelerates aging and most chronic diseases. including IBS, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer's. Being readily available, and cheap, it's so worth adding to your daily regime. Its another lovely day here, started out cloudy but now the sun is bright, we are due some very chilly week end weather, frost possible. But by next week we go back into the 70's. It feels good to have the deck done, and most of the outside stuff behind. Still have a couple of minor things to do, like clipping back the peony plant Brian gave me. But getting there. Took time out today to deliver some home made face creams etc. to several of my clients, which means a get together at Grill 73, a cool Russian/American restaurant just down the road. The couple that run it are ex flying acrobats from a Romanian circus, who retired here to the mountains. they found an old abandoned building and have restored it, with so much lovely wood work and imagination. Its small, but the food is good and its fun to visit. She does both Russian and American food, for those who must have a burger and fries. I love the Borscht and other Russian foods. Time to leave for this week, hope you are having this lovely fall weather where you are. Take care, stay well, see you soon.

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