Friday, June 16, 2017

What's in your personal products

It really bugs me when people say they only live once and will eat/drink/use what they want because life dis short. Having been the caregiver at the end of life for several of my family, I can not imagine wanting someone to have to fee, diaper, clean, bathe, dress me etc. It takes so little to make the changes that make your life healthy. I make a good share of the things i use, all my face creams, medicines and salves. But there are some things that just work better when you buy them. Last week I found a wonderful volumnizing shampoo. It's made by Nature's Gate, and has Holy Basil, ginger and Awapuni in it. After the first use, my hair was so much thicker and nicer I could not believe it. I also found a wonderful deodorant, all natural that smells like almonds. It's a roll on so no earth damaging spray . And of course the one thing I had the most problems with was a sensitive tooth paste. I just could not come up with a recipe that really worked. Tom's of Maine makes great organic toothpaste, including my sensitive. And I like Healthy Mouth mouthwash, tho that can be made with distilled water, clove and cinnamon oils. I just started a whitening routine that you might like. I mixed a teaspoon of turmeric with 2 T of salt and 2 T of organic baking soda, mix well, keep in an airtight jar. Also mix a bottle of half water and half hydrogen peroxide. Dip a damp toothbrush into the powder, an brush away for 5 minutes, then rinse for one minute with the water/peroxide rinse. After that, rinse your mouth well with straight water or your fave mouthwash. My teeth feel like I have been to a dentist, so smooth and slick, wow. Not sure if it will whiten but hopeful, I drink too much coffee and it stains. I am also using an immune boosting oil at night on the bottom of my feet, hoping to get my grand daughters to try it and maybe avoid so many ear infections and bouts of flu next fall. Once you start the study of staying healthy, there is so much good information on line, I spend a lot of time reading and learning about taking better care of me, and others. Since I am 80 and have no health problems, it must work. I did get lucky and leaned young(18) that you can alter what your parents had and avoid the same ills. I do avoid doctors, and will not take meds, they all have dire side effects. My vitamins and organic diet do well to keep me feeling good. I have been eating flat bread sandwiches lately with tomato, lettuce, avocado and onions, all but the avocado from my deck plants. Tasty. If you want organic laundry products, try a line called Meyers. I use their hand soap(liquid) and now am trying their dryer sheets. Love the Lemon Verbena scent, but they have many. All these and so much more can be found at Swanson Vitamins, and are sent right to your door in a few days. I still make my own laundry soap, so easy and effective, a big box of borax, a big box of baking or washing soda and a bar of grated Fels Naptha, enough for over a year for pennies a load. My stain spray is half dawn and half hydrogen peroxide, let sit over night then wash as usual, takes out even old stains. I do hope you will start looking at healthy alternatives, and keep your kids, grandkids and yourselves well and pain free. I have a line of products at joyfulbodycreations on Etsy, and will be adding eczema cream some scrubs and other things shortly, have them brewing now. Have a healthy summer, see you soon.