Thursday, January 28, 2016

OK, go ahead and hate me

I was brought up in a different age. My parents took me to church, taught me respect and I knew they could see anything I did even if I was 100 miles away from them. We walked to school alone at the age of 5 or 6, knowing not to get into a car with anyone we did not know etc. And our parents were not in trouble for letting us do this. Cursing was a sin, I still can not abide any one who spews out a curse word every other word out of their mouth. It shows a lack of knowledge of good words and proper speech. I also can not stand the new tv shows. They are so full of deviate sex, violence, murder, blood, no wonder we have created the world we live in. The news media adds to this by repeating over and over all the stories featuring mass murder and violence. Of course its copied. We grew up watching Andy Griffith, Petticoat Junction, The Waltons, Night Court. Last night I watched a Night Court episode that touched on death and disability in a wonderful way, I laughed all the way through it. I will not watch any show that promotes gay marriage, God says that is an abomination. And I know that my life has to be lived according to God's teachings or I have no hope of getting to that Kingdom he is preparing for us. Oh sure, I am a sinner, but God forgives if we ask, and more, he forgets the sin. We just have to ask Him to point us in the way he wants us to go, and do our best to go there. My folks picked up a switch or a razor strap once in a while, we were not abused or beaten, just disciplined. And having boundaries is important. If we goofed at school and got a ruler smack from the teacher, it was reported to our parents who followed it up at home with another smack. We survived, we respected others, and their property, and are still following those rules. Bring up a child in the way he should go, and he will not forget it. Not an exact quote, but close, and yes it's Biblical. I am fortunate enough to have brought up my kids the way I was brought up, and they are all wonderful, caring, useful humans, always out to help others. Too bad this generation is not the same. There are, I am sure, some wonderful young ones out there, there will always be parents who follow rules and convictions. and raise solid citizens. But there are many more who just don;t care. I feel sorry for these kids, what a poor way to grow up. So I will be accused of being narrow minded, not accepting, whatever. Yes. I am that way. I can accept the sinner, but not the sin. I can not judge. I keep trying to make sense out of life, but the best I can do is ask for God's help, and stay true to my roots. And so I choose not to watch news, tv shows that offend me, and other stuff that just makes me crazy. There are good stations, like Hallmark, Inspiration, FETV that show the old shows that taught morals and were truly funny at no one's expense. Hang me out to dry, I am done.