Friday, February 10, 2012

Fun, Sun, Pain, Patience

 Our week at Mytle beach could not have been better, the weather was wonderful! We walked on the beach, collected shells, had iced tea under a 20 story tall ferris wheel, did a ton of looking. The beach walking was accompished by using a wheel chair with oversized balloon tires that allowed it to go 6 inches into the water or navigate the soft sand. It was an amazing contraption, many thanks to my brother-in-law for pushing me all over the place. My sis and I took off while he was playing golf and went to Starbucks one afternoon.  Then, we began the trip back. Went well til we got to Illinois. Leaving my daughters house I lost my balance and tumbled down her steps. Knew it was painful, but got in the car anyway and headed for Nebraska. When I arrived, my daughter in law took me to an emergency clinic. Found out I had fractured a bone in my leg. So a temporary cast was applied. Next day, a wheelchair arrived to help me navigate til some healing takes place. We sat down to watch Tangled, my grand daughter got on my lap. When I tried to help her down, we overbalanced the chair and it tipped forward, banging the other leg into the metal rods on the chair, more pain. Ambulance ride to hospital in the snow, x-rays etc. At least nothing broken. But now I am down two legs which leaves not a leg to stand on. So for the moment, it is difficult to navigate any where.
 Yesterday I got casted into a bright purple walking cast with a funny thong type shoe. When the pain is less I will start trying to get around on it.
  I am not used to be the one getting care, have spent a lot of my life being the care giver so this is a total role reversal.  The kids have been great to help me and get to doctors and make things as easy as possible. The next 6 or so weeks will be very long til I am back to being able to be somewhat normal again. Patience, guess its  virtue but sometimes a tough one.
 Hope you have a great weekend, til next time, hang in.