Friday, October 2, 2015

Hello Again. Recipe for scouring Powder

This is the end of my first week as a newly retired(again) person. Got 2 coats of Restore on 1/2 of the deck the first of the week with my son Doug's help, but the rain began and is persisting so waiting for a few dry days to do the rest. In the mean time, have canned some pears, made pear clafouti and cleaned out some cupboards and closets. Have one more closet to go, making progress. The latest shooting in Oregon is very sad, but gun laws are not going to stop this. My Bible study this morning pretty well told me the truth, read Ephesians 5, 1-16 and you will see. Do you use grated parmesan cheese? Never toss those shaker cans. If you take equal parts of salt and baking soda, mix well and put in those cans, you have great scouring powder. I like to add a few drops of lemon essential oil for scent. When buying soda, go to the laundry area and get a big box, it's much cheaper that way and useful in so many ways. I put out a batch of humming bird feed last week, saw a hummer yesterday but most of the syrup is still in the container, think they must have left us for the season, will miss the cheeky little guys. Always enjoy watching them. We are still mostly green, a few red and yellow leaves here and there but hoping for a lot more fall before winter moves in. Started Christmas shopping, have a few things set aside, some even wrapped. Nice to get a jump on the season. Spent the early part of this morning cleaning the front room, all vacuumed and dusted, if I get the house stuff done now, can get back outside next week when the sun finally returns. Hope you are enjoying this cooler weather, nice break from the heat. Just not ready for snow yet. Stay well, see you soon.

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