Friday, October 2, 2015

Back on Track Home made scouring powder

Today marks the end of the first week of retirement(again). It's been busy, got 1/2 of the deck refinished , 2 coats or Restore, with my son Doug's help on places I could not reach. But then the rain moved in, its almost cold today, and more rain coming the next few days. Hope to have some sun by the first of next week and be able to get back to work. In the mean time, I have canned pears, made pear clafouti, and cleaned out closets and cupboards. Just finished vacuuming and dusting the living room, and now its time for coffee. My Bible study this am was a case in point for the latest shooting in Oregon. No gun law is going to help this problem, we are not following God's rules and therefore Satan is taking over. Read Ephesians 5, 1-16 and it will point out this fact. We need to ask God to help, although it seems we have let it slip too far at this point. I recently bought a new food processor, and one of the things I love for breakfast is this: Put 1/2 cup of ice cubes, 1 cup of water, 2 cups od organic baby kale, 1/2 sliced banana, 1/2 cup of fresh pineapple, 1 t cinnamon and 1 t honey in the food processor and whirl til smooth. Its a taste that I have begun to crave, love the stuff. I watched the Chew this week, Lisa Oz talked about their family's smoothies, she adds protein powder, but after reading up on that, I would rather add a little of my Fage organic yogurt, protein powder in some larger amounts over time can damage kidneys. So I will try adding some yogurt for protein staying power. Do you use grated parmesan cheese? Never toss those shaker cans. A great home made scouring powder is equal amounts of salt and baking soda, and I like to add a few drops of lemon essential oil for scent, mix well, put in the shaker can and you have made your own safe cleaner. It does a good job. If you look in the laundry area of the store, you can buy large boxes of baking soda really cheap, along with vinegar and a few other items you can create almost any household product you need, I will be giving you some of those recipes again as we get reacquainted. Glad to be back, to have time to do things I like and sit here with coffee, looking out at the side of the mountain. It's time for the hummingbirds to leave us again, had one yesterday but the feeder is nearly full after a week, so most of them must have left. Will miss them. It's still very green here, just a few peeks of red and gold here and there but will be a while before we get into fall color. I have started Christmas shopping, nice to have a few things set away. Have a good week, please pray for our country, and for the Christians who are being persecuted. Til next time, stay well.

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