Friday, August 22, 2014

Out foxing the super market's stategies

Most of us head out with a list, and a plan for shopping and not going broke in the process. But did you ever stop to think that the lay out of the grocery store is meant to part you from your money and good intentions? Where is the milk? At the farthest point away from the front door. And on the way, many end caps with pop, cookies, chips and needless snacks, to get you to pop a few into your shopping cart. Produce is usually at the other end of the store, taking you past other tempting items you didn't come in for. The stuff they want you to buy is almost always at eye level. I only get two brands of cereal, Cascadian Farm and Kashi, both organic and GMO free. And where are they? Bottom shelf where you would not see them if they are not your usual brand. Oatmeal is also on the bottom unless you are into the packaged sugared pop in the microwave type. At eye level are all the highly colored, sugared not good for you stuff. More money in those. If you venture into the center of the store, like the baking area, it takes some real searching to find the organic flour and sugar and baking items. And oil, well, one big brand that starts with an M says its better than olive oil for your health. Disregard that statement. Corn is grown with heavy amounts of Round-up and poison sprays, most corn in this country is not safe. Olive oils bear watching, a lot is cut with other oil to make it cheaper so you will buy it, a good quality imported oil is on higher shelves and pricier. At the front of the store you may find the bakery, with it's incredible smells, pulling you in for fresh baked bread, fried doughnuts and other goodies. My hubby was a baker for over 45 years, I know what goes into those doughnuts. He did make incredible breads that were good, but the fried stuff was never good for you, the frying lards get used for a very long time, adding more in as they get used up. Walked in the back door to go to work one day when I had not eaten, had done my gardening and headed to town to be with my daughter who was in the hospital, then headed to work starving. Grabbed a doughnut which was not my usual fare, and got really sick. Have had no taste for them since. The center part of your store is all processed stuff, which most of us are learning to avoid. Every one of those boxed or canned items contains at least, at LEAST one GMO item, some more. By now we should all be aware that most health problems are caused by what we eat. Choosing Round-up and spray laced foods causes gluten intolerance, ADHD, cancer, arthritis, and so many more ills its just scary. Eating good stuff can be done, it may cost a bit more and take a little more prep time, but the taste of fresh, home cooked stuff is well worth it. Think about a slimy can of spinach compared to a bowl of lightly steamed fresh, mmm. Arm yourself with a list of must haves, and be sure to eat before you shop. It makes a big difference. Don't be tempted by all the junk stuff placed so you can't miss seeing it. I know everyone can't have a garden but once again, I am grateful for ours. My son brought me a bouquet of fresh flowers this am, he uses ones that deter bugs, plus tomatoes and fresh rosemary, oh how good that smells. Was watching the news early this morning and Dollywood and Pigeon Forge are already putting up Christmas decorations. It takes them a long time because they do so many but it still seems really early for that. Have been giving some thought to things for grand kids but that's about all we buy these days, us grown ups have way too much already. Love pictures, calls, and emails and cards, and those require no place to store. Looks like a very hot week coming up, getting to that part of the summer. It's been cool for the most part, so far no need for the AC. Hope to get through the next few weeks without it too. SO, make up your list, have a meal, put on your blinders and hit the store. Happy shopping.

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