Friday, August 1, 2014

Lots of recipes, for toothpaste, thinning hair, chalk paint , oh my

It's been a great week. Had a big storm come through the area Sunday evening, over 2 inches of rain but the severe stuff missed us, I am convinced the mountains spread themselves around us and become protective bulwarks. Not far away, there was wind damage, power out, trees down and a tornado in one county. So again, we were blessed. And since then, the weather has been just super, very cool, new record at night, in the 50's, not been there since 1874. Days are very comfortable, anywhere from 70 to 82, just about perfect. If I could choose the best weather to have always, it would be this last week. But like all good things, it will end, we have upper 80s and 90s coming back in another week. For the moment, will enjoy the windows open, cool breeze and cool temperatures. My sis from Nebraska and her hubby have been here a couple of times this last month, on their way to VA and on their way back to Branson and home. My porch and front deck are about 12+ years old, and despite coating, scrubbing etc, beginning to look old. My son power washed the back porch last week, and I scraped off the rest of the paint. This time I used a deck restore that fills in the cracks in the wood, you pick a color, I went with Beechnut which is about the color of new wood and our red clay dirt. Thanks to the help of sis and Bob, two coats of finish are now in place and the back area looks great. Still have some work to do, bushes to clip etc. and the big front one to go but will be a bit before I get to that one. Thanks for the help!! Ran across some recipes to share. Is your hair thinning? Try tossing equal parts of fresh rosemary and olive oil in your food processor , mush it up and store in jar, rub it onto your scalp before a shower, at least 10 minutes. Try every day when you shower and see if it will make a difference. How about sensitive tooth paste? This will refill small holes and heal to some extent. Mix 2 T coconut oil, 2 T baking soda, 2 T calcium magnesium powder, 2 T green stevia (can use white) 2 t sea salt and 20 drops of peppermint oil(essential). Thinking Christmas gifts yet? How about some peppermint scrub? Use 2 cups white sugar, 1/4 cup of good oil, coconut recommended, I am allergic so would use jojoba or apricot kernel, they say red color but I use a tad of beet root powder, and 10 drops of essential peppermint oil. Put in fancy jar Speaking of jars, if you take vitamins, the bottles are not recyclable here. Funny green things in my case. But I saw a bit on Pinterest where they took those old bottles, glued a knob to the lid, and painted the whole thing with chalk paint which will stick to the bottle. Decorate with raised glue gun pattern before painting, or whatever strikes your fancy, add bows, bead strings etc and you have nifty storage bottles. You can make your own chalk paint by mixing sand free grout with water into a paste, then adding flat latex paint in your choice of color. It needs to be thick. I found some craft paint by Folkart, multi surface, dishwasher safe that also works., And its colored already. Says it works on plastic and it seems to be okay. Went to town at dawn this am, rain is predicted for today but the sun is shining. Another great morning. Now I am getting my quota of coffee, don't drink but 1 small cup before I head off to town, funny, it seems to be a liquid that I only borrow for a while. Made my first round of pickles, watching the peaches, some are beautiful now but not sure if they are buggy, wormy etc. If any one knows a good organic way of spraying them, please share your recipe. Have a great week, it's almost time for those kids to head back to school, seems like a very short summer this year. Take care, stay well.

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