Friday, August 29, 2014

Defining Organic, why it's better, summergrowing

Doing my Bible study this morning, reading in 1 Corinthians, chapter 11, verse 26, I am reminded "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof." The last two years have had some odd growing conditions, last year too much rain molded the squash plants and killed them off with little product to show for the season, this year it's been hot and dry, but some things have done better. We had useable peaches for the first time ever, and the pear trees are bending to the ground with their heavy loads, soon ready to pick. Tomatoes are prolific, and I have had a steady crop of beans. Cucumber, not so good, spotty zucchinis but the vines seem to be getting a second wind now. The pantry and freezer are filling up with winter goodies. It's good to know that there is a new interest in gardening, and many people are growing some of their own food now, even if it's just pots of tomatoes and peppers on the porch. I think we are finally waking up to the poison our crops are grown with, and the damage it does to our health. More than 70% of processed foods contain at least one GMO grown crop. When my kids were growing up, cancer in a child was rare, but now we have hospitals full of kids with it. And so many other things too, allergies, asthma, aches and pains, must be time to wake up and get real. Organic foods are defined as grown with ecological balance, conserving biodiversity. No chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, drugs or hormones. Those have invaded every part of our food supply. Meat and Dairy included, so much of our dairy is full of hormones and antibiotics. Watch for organic versions, they can be found, I love the non GMO little square blue symbol on cereals, milk etc,, more are showing up all the time. I have not had dairy milk in over 40 years, like my almond or soy or rice, and it has more calcium than dairy. There is one thing to watch, some farmers can not afford to be certified, it's an expensive process, so if you have questions, get in touch with your local growers and ask those questions. We even need to watch our personal products, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, cosmetics, read the labels, avoid the parabans, lead, yeah, gets scary. It's easy to learn to make your own cleaning, washing and personal stuff. Have been doing this for about 5 years now. Mostly cheap ingredients like baking soda and vinegar with essential oils added. Make a great face cream I love, and my own face washes and toners. Have been making lip balms with beet root for color, as opposed to lead . There is a very sad struggle going on in our church. Being a big branch, we are governed by higher ups. And they have now passed rules that I can not accept. In order to follow what we know, we are being forced to take our church out of this sect, or accept the rules. I find it sad that man thinks he can change God's rules. And more sad that so many are so apathetic about what is going on. We had a congregational meeting a while back to inform our members of what has happened, and our options. Only a handful of people showed up, so it seems as long as folk can go to church on Sunday and hear a sermon, and go home til the next week, they don't really care about policy. I am fond of our lovely little church and the people I know and work with. But the future is very iffy. I truly hope we separate from the head church and become our own church, staying with our Bible upbringing and beliefs. My grandson was married this week in Hawaii. Wishing he and his lovely bride many happy years!! Keep growing, keep smiling, life is still full of many wonderful, good things.

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