Friday, November 1, 2013

Scary Spices and more on processed foods

   My morning news on ABC talked about spices this week. 90% of all the spices in our stores are imported. 10% are contaminated with salmonella and bug parts.  The only thing you can do to protect yourself against them is to add them early in the cooking process and cook well enough to kill any thing lurking in them.   I grow most of my own herbs, but spices are not something that will grow in our climates most of the time.

   Also this week on CNN and ABC we got some run downs on the hazards of processed foods.  These foods are so rampant in our society. But all boxed and premade foods are frightening if you know what they will do to you. They are processed with phosphates which destroy our brains and organs. They are full of preservatives to make them last forever and these cause kidney failure, rapid aging and weak bones.  They are also very addictive(on purpose) so you will be drawn to keep buying them, they add extra sugar and salt to make them tasty. And most are GMO tainted. This is truly scary as we are ingesting bug and weed killers in large amounts. GMO's eat up your brain and cause dementia, heart attacks, cancer, you name it. These products disrupt your healthy bacteria and mess up your intestines. There are 70 different kinds of pesticides alone grown into these food items.  Most folk think healthy foods are more expensive and take longer to prepare, but that's not true. Buying organic produce and cooking it yourself takes very little time. Instead of opening a can of soup, buy carrots, celery, onions and garlic and whatever other veggies you like and toss them all in your crockpot overnight. I am right now cooking beans(dried) to add for protein to a pot I have brewing. Once you have made your own, you taste the difference, there is a tinny taste to canned soups.  If you are adamant about having cereal, look for Kashi, Cascadian Farms etc, and on the box you will see GMO free and organic.   I like scrambled eggs with chard or kale from my garden. When you think of a meal, bet you see meat, potatoes and small amounts of vegetables on your plate. Well, meat can be abandoned, you don't need it for protein.  And starchy vegetables add to weight gain and allergies.   If you pick a veggie, say carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini etc, chop into small pieces and sauté in a skillet with ghee and water, you have a tasty meal. Adding ginger, coriander or cumin adds to the taste and the goodness for your body.
  I have been trying to come up with a tooth paste that is not OTC, as I am trying to be natural. SO far, no luck. Baking soda, peroxide and clove or cinnamon oil is ok, but I have sensitive teeth and need toothpaste to stop pain. If any of you know a recipe, please share with me.  Yogi Cameron uses sesame oil with a few drops of licorice extract, have not tried it but will. If you have not thought about it, remember to brush your tongue, that's your receptor for taste and needs to be clean.
  My sis is fighting joint pain, and arthritis. I started young to prevent the problem so I am not sure if trying to get better after you have it is possible.  The ginger, turmeric and MSM I have taken since I was in my early 20s has worked well, they are all anti-inflamatory which prevent a lot of ills. There are other ways of adding ginger and turmeric to you diet, ginger tea is wonderful, either organic bags or buy some root in the grocery store and chop it up and brew.  Turmeric can be added to whatever you are cooking, and is great for pain. And here is a recipe to try, a ginger syrup to use for colds, upset tummy, overeating or just a sweet treat.  Just take one large piece of fresh ginger, peel and chop into a pan. Cover just barely with honey,  simmer over low heat for 15 minutes. If you chop the ginger finely, you can just eat it and it tastes good, Straining it out is difficult.
   I wonder sometimes when people cling to their soda pop, potato chips etc if they really know what they are thinking about. Maybe a treat now and then is not too damaging, but think about down the line, do you really want to need someone to feed, clothe, bathe and change your diapers?  I pray that when my time comes its fast, no lingering illness to make care needed. Look around at all the folk who are already in that place, why would you want to go there? Living a healthy natural life just takes some changes, small at first as you get used to it. I am already making my own face creams, medicines and tonics, and cleansers for my home. They are pleasant, no fumes or chemicals and I am happy with them.  And they are cheaper, baking soda and vinegar will clean and disinfect most anything, even takes mold off the north side of your house.
  Try living healthier, hope you feel better. Til next time, take care.

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