Friday, November 29, 2013

Thanksgiving snow, blood pressure helpers, this and that

  Two days before Thanksgiving it was dark, low hanging clouds that engulfed us in a fog, and pouring rain. Good amount, over an inch. But then the temperature started dropping and by   the day before Thanksgiving morning, we woke up to a good covering of snow.  Now wait, snow in Tennessee in  November? Just not right. Kind of pretty but really cold temps, down
 in the lower 20's.  Thanksgiving day started out cold, but the sun came up and we got into the 40's. So a little of the white stuff melted. The areas like my back porch (on the north) are still ice covered, we are warming up now as we go through the next week, into the 50's again which sounds wonderful. Hope yesterday found you enjoying visits with family and friends. We all have a lot to be thankful for, sometimes we forget the good things and just focus on the troubles we find in life, but we should all remember where our blessings come from.
  Is your blood pressure a little high? Got cholesterol issues? Some simple help is at hand, 2 kiwis a day for a few weeks will bring both down. And there is a dark grape juice sold in most stores now, in a bottle that looks like a wine bottle but is just juice, that is very high in anti oxidants and does the same thing for you. I like my kiwis in smoothies or just stirred into plain Greek yogurt. Avoid the flavored yogurt, high in sugar and colored with bug parts.
  By now I hope a lot of you have realized that the way we eat, and live has everything to do with your health. From allergies to aches and pains, all those processed foods grown with GMOs are hurting you.  If you have thought you are gluten intolerant, think again. All the countries that have banned GMOs have no such ailment, its not the grain but the poison added to the seeds that causes most of the reactions. Same with your household cleaners, go for soda and vinegar, salt, peroxide and essential oils, effective and safe. In case you are reading labels, here are some ingredients to totally avoid. They cause neurological problems, and are toxic to your system. They also mess up your hormones, so here we go: BPA, bispherol A is in the white can linings, paper products, even the receipts from the cash register, Dioxin, a byproduct of manufacturing, largely in animal products so limit use of animal products, harms your liver and kidneys. Arsenic, found in water and milk. Filter your water. Atrazine, also in water, its a pesticide used to grow grains and veggies so look for non GMO produce.  Fire Retardants, called PBDE also come from the ground, also caused by chemical growing . Lead, well you all know about that, it used to be in paint, and water. Less now  but watch for it.  Mercury, very damaging to your health, found in large fish like tuna and swordfish.  PFC's, the stuff used to coat your non stick skillet, comes off in your food.  I am using a green skillet I love, they work so well. And of course, pesticides, which are neurotoxins, really hard on kids so avoid eating any foods sprayed with them. Glycol ethers, used in household cleaners and paint. And Perchlorate, used in fertilizers for your yard. This stuff contaminates ground water and wrecks your thyroid function, which messes up your metabolism.  So again, its up to you, read labels, go green, help yourself and your earth.
  With Thanksgiving past, there are only 4 weeks until Christmas. Then a new year, this one really flew by.  It has not officially been winter yet, but this last week has me ready for spring.  Stay warm, and well, take care and be safe.

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