Friday, October 25, 2013

We are a sick nation, because of what we eat

  Go back 30 years.  We had hardly any ADHD, much less Alzheimer's and cognitive dysfunction, cancer, arthritis, just general illness.  Why? We ate vegetables and fruits and much, much less in the carb department.  Since then, the amount of processed foods in the stores has almost taken over the store.  We have increased carb consumption by over 30 %.  Fresh, organic produce is the smallest department these days.   I would bet that your cupboards are stocked with boxes, bags, and cans of food.  If you really want to feel GOOD stop buying processed junk and start cooking from scratch.  It really does not involve a lot of time, and you will start to loose the aches and pains, colds and flu and your brain will quit dying.,  Carbs cause brain death. Pictures I saw this week show holes in the brain of those who overdid carbs.   Over 5 million people will get Alzheimer' s, and other brain ailments this next year.  All carbs are equally bad, including root vegetables. Carrots, potatoes and beets, turnips and on and on should all be cut out.  If you want more information, check this out on Dr. Oz's show from the first of the week, maybe the 22nd of October. I wonder if the fact that we now consume mega GMO crops is largely to blame for carbs being so unhealthy, we are putting poison in our bodies at an alarming rate.
  I also have been watching Yogi Cameron again, from Veria Living station. His topic this show was much like  Dr. Oz's show. He was treating a woman who had lived on junk food, cookies, chips, burgers etc until she felt so bad she could barely function.  The ideas he gave her were simple and with in a few weeks, she looked and felt like a different person.   He had her make ghee, very simple, just clarified butter, and mix a spoonful of that with a good sprinkle of powdered turmeric, and take three times a day. Also, a little water with a good sprinkle of coriander 3 times a day. For the first week, the diet lets the gut recover, no digestion. SO the only things eaten were pureed veggies. Like carrots, cauliflower, broccoli etc. No squash. No meat. After the first week, you can cube and sauté your veggies in butter and water, and add rice. And other vegetables. Thing is, most of us way overeat, listen to your body, stop when it says enough,  After that, just eat healthy, and avoid all those processed foods.
 Funny thing, your body can handle the right fats, like butter, olive oil, avocados and coconut oil. In fact, they are healing. You can reverse the damage to your brain and organs by just eating right and exercising.  Yoga is great, doing the Cobra, and the pose where you fold your self over your legs, and a pose called the Pigeon are all good for the gut. You can look these up on line if you want to try them. Yogi suggested eating in silence, and with the hands so you are connected to your food.
  I think being too extreme is not something most of us would try, but easing out the foods that inflame your system and replacing them with nutritious, wholesome foods can really help us feel better, longer and not need a host of medicine to keep us going. That's a whole other kettle of fish, I refuse to go there. If you start with one medicine, you will end up on many, Each has side effects that require something else, on and on.  Just take control of your life and take care of yourself. Who wants to end up sick, needing constant care, being unable to function as a person.
  We have had our first taste of winter, has been chilly the last 3 days. And again tonight, we may set a new record low, in the upper  20's.  But tomorrow we warm up into the 60's and by midweek, near 70 again. My son has covered his  squash crop to keep it from freezing, sure hope it works. Having our own fresh food is such a wonderful way to eat. I am already thinking about next spring's planting, will do a lot different. We had a tough growing season because of too much rain this year, a lot of things like zucchini died out from leaf mold.  Okra failed too, was late starting and had little short, tough okras on the plants.
  I am thinking ahead, wrapping a few Christmas gifts for the grand kids, and thinking about maybe a trip to Nebraska. It will depend on the weather, if we have an early bad winter, may wait til spring. But I love watching the girls open their gifts and delight in the season.  And having time to read, and cuddle with them is so special. They are growing up so fast.
  Hope you are enjoying the changing season, staying warm and healthy, take care til next time.

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