Friday, April 27, 2012

GMO's, Food Safety, choices to make

  Our food safety is at risk!  GMO's(Genetically Modified organisms) are now in an estimated 70% of our food supply.
  Corn, soy, sugar beets and canola are the main targets. The seeds for these crops are modified to keep insects from attacking the crops. What they are doing is producing a strain of super bugs, resistant to the pesticides now used.
  As much as 90% of corn and soybeans are now treated in this manner. This use is increasing the allergys and illnesses in our country. Europe has already banned the use of  GMO's as unsafe. For some reason, we are always behind in making our food supplies safe.
  300 organizations and doctors have now filed a petition with the FDA, seeking to label all foods grown with GMO's, thus giving us a choice of whether or not we purchase these unsafe items.
  Scientists actually modify the DNA codes of plants, to produce insect free crops, thus adding that element to what we eat. No wonder we have so many health problems, we are ingesting totally harmful food. Again, go back to the farmer markets and organic grown foods to keep your children and family safe. It's a horrible thought, but little girls as young as 6 years old are having periods now because of the food they eat.
  Here is a clue to super market buying, there are PLU stickers(price look up locators) on produce.  A four digit number  is a conventionally grown product.  A five digit number starting with a 9 indicates organically grown products. Be sure to read the labels on your produce as much as you do the labels on your other products, we have to take charge and look out for ourselves these days, no one will help us out as that ever present dollar sign seems to be all that matters.
  If you want more information, visit http://www.nongmoproject,org/consumers/about-gmos/.
  I think back to my young days, on my grandads farm. No electricity, running water, just a wood burning cookstove that provided heat for the house and did the cooking. My grandad was up at at dawn, using 2 horses and a walking plow to turn his fields. He planted in the same manner and fertilized with manure from the farm animals that was piled up all winter, and was ready by planting time. He spent the summer hand weeding. When harvest came, neighbors banded together and helped each other out to get crops in when they were ready. I learned to cook in my grandmas kitchen, she was a great cook, and the long table down the middle of the room fed the crews that came to harvest each fall. Those were ideallic years, playing with all the newborn kittens, chicks, calves etc. The windmill clank was peaceful,   and I enjoyed the summers there. Sure different from this day and age. Too bad we can't go back a little and enjoy the peace, fresh air and family times together. The only thing I would not miss would be the outhouse.  Those were nice to have replaced with modern plumbing.
  Have a great week, eat healthy.

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