Friday, May 4, 2012

Aloe Vera, a true wonder plant, not just for burns

  Living in my east window in the front room, is a very old, large aloe vera plant.  My first use of this plant was for burns, most of you are familiar with its soothing properties.
  But I have learned there are many more uses for this wonder of wonders.
  Aloe was brought to this country  by Spanish priests, and first uses seem to be in the Florida area.   One of the earier studies was done on digestive issues, and today more uses are being studied.  Aloe  contains anthraquinones and an enzyme  called bradykinose, besides phenols, sulpher and magnesium. Capsules are available for internal use now. It soothes the stomach and intestines regulating  issues in that area. It is also being studied  for anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal properties.
  On a news cast this last week, it was pointed out that  if we women use as few as 2 cosmetic products, we are being exposed to no less than twelve chemicals that are not good for us.  I am awarethat there are natural companies outthere but the cost of their products is sometimes much higher than theones we could buy in the stores. It was suggested that we cook up  a beet, and use the resulting water on our lips or use asblush. LipsI can see, blush, not sure.  I do know I have been making a good share of my face creams, hand lotion, lipbalms etcfor quite a few years now, and they have no unpronounceable words in them. Rule of thumb, if you can'tsay it, and don't know what it is don't use it. My creams are based on beeswax for thickening, and oils, like jojoba, apricot kernal, etc, and I add rose water, vitamin E, calcium and aloe to them along with essential carrot seed oil. They work well and cause no problems. I have had an allergy to coconut oil all my life so avoid    it.As  long    as you are making your own product, you controlthe ingredients. I would much rather be there  than   trusting a manugacturer with that list. For many years I ve used product, starting with an A, that I love, but turned the containers over and read labels last week. Oh no, must  no w part company with them until they revise their formulas. Sad, I will miss them.
  So besides breaking off a piece of the leaf and using ist for burns,cuts and scrapes, you might want to consider  kee pingsome capsules handy for those occasional tummy woes.I also have  a bottle of pure aloe gel that I use for brewing up stuff, much easier than milking the leaves.
  Hope your week end is productive, see you again soon!


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