Friday, April 13, 2012

Learn prevention at a young age, helps for your health

  I married young, eighteen years old. By the time I was twenty one I had 3 children and was traveling the states and overseas as an Air Force wife.
  One of the first things  learned in life was to care for your body, and health. My folks did not give us candy except for a rare treat. We ate fruits and veggies as snacks, often picked right out of Dad's garden in the back yard.  I was lucky that I had no cavitys or major health problems until the summer I was fifteen. I taught a swimming class at the YWCA in the morning, then rode my bike across town to my grandparents and helped get their lunch. Late afternoon I baby sat with the neighbors kids while the parents worked. Got too tired and left myself vulnerable to the polio epidemic that was going around then.
 Once I had recovered enough to get back to life, I tried college, but couldn't go fast enough between classes to make it work well, so after one semester I went to work. And after a year, I got married.
  Where ever we were stationed, one of the first places I visited was the local Health Food Store.  The people who ran them were always so knowledgeable and taught me so much.
  My mom by then was in her fifties and was suffering from cripplng arthritis in her hands. She was a teacher and this made it hard to write on blackboards, grade papers etc so she started taking a medicine called Endocin. Wicked stuff, caused bleeding and other health problems but did let her hands work better. So I talked to my source at the Health Food store, and got some recommendations.  They told me to take ginger and turmeric. Both are common spices, easily available and pretty cheap. Also added MSM, which is a sulfer substance mined from the ground. The combination has served me well, I am 75 now and have no knarled knuckles or painful joints. In fact, pain of an sort is rare. turns out these spices are now being touted as wonderful antioxidants that help prevent a great many illnesses, even cancer. Its amazing how we learn as we go. I  am greatful for being able to take these all the past  years and prevent a lot of problems.
  I watch Dr Oz, and read health books like others read novels. I recently learned that if we started taking astaxanthin about age 30, we could prevent cataracs. Wish I had known that a few years back. I take it now, and after being told by one doc I had cataracs, let a few years go by while my hubby was ill before I got them checked, and was told then I had nothng to worry about .
  Do some reading and checking on natural ways of coping with family problems and see if you can build your health up and prevent future problems. You may be predisposed to things but you have in your power the ability to change what could happen.
  Be healthy!

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