Sunday, December 11, 2011

Winter Wonderland

 Odd day for me to be blogging, but today has been such a different day. Got up early, dressed for church, too dark to see outside, but the temperature on my computer said 19 degrees. Opened the back door and reached down to feel the wood porch, yep, icy. When it got light, I could see everything was heavily frosted.  Did some thinking and decided on a plan. Found a couple of my throw rugs that have a grippy backing.  For most folk, the trip down a north facing ramp, with a turn and then down the east side, would not be a big deal. But I use a walker, and have no sense of balance. I fear falling, don't want to be dependant on someone if I break something. So caution is my big concern.  Well, by flopping down a rug, stepping on it, then flopping down another, reach back and grab the first, I got to the car. Also covered with heavy frost. Funny, when you are married, you just depend on the man to get the engine running, car warmed up , and the windows de-iced.  Different when you are doing it.  Well, anyway, I was soon heading down the mountain to church. WOW! Every tree, every stick, bush, fence, all coated with white. Not snow, just a heavy frost, but it made  pictures worthy of Hallmark cards, just breathtakingly beautiful. Wish I had taken my camera with me.  Looking up the sides of the mountains, tree after tree painted with white.  Glad I didn't decide to play it safe and stay home.
  Church was wonderful as usual, we have the worlds greatest preacher, his message is always inspirational. At the end of the choir number, one of our ladies fell coming down, she says she is okay, I hope tomorrow she still feels that way. Would hate to see her stiff and sore. And another church person fro m the second congegation, had a heart attack, and needed an ambulance. So it has been truly an unusual Sunday morning. The sun is out, the trees are no longer white, but the pictures will linger in my mind this week, something special for the holidays.

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