Monday, August 22, 2016

Toxic Tomatoes

My very first blog was prompted by watching migrant workers picking green tomatoes here in Edwina TN. Why? Ripe tomatoes have the best flavor. Well, you can't ship them ripe or they will rot. So here is a tale of what I see in these fields. Early in spring, March, the fields are turned, long tunnels of plastic are installed with heavy doses of fertilizer under them, not sure whats in the fertilizer. Shortly, migrant workers plant tomato plants, grown from GMO seeds, into those rows. For the next few months, they are sprayed constantly with weed and bug killers. Its now August and the green tomatoes have been picked, packed and shipped. When they arrive at their destination, they are placed in ethylene gas chambers to ripen. Look up If a man were to enter that chamber while the tomatoes are ripening, the gas is strong enough to kill him. Its absorbed into the fruit. Then its sent on to be processed into all sorts of tomato products, ketchup, pizza and spaghetti sauces, marinara, and canned tomatoes of all types, from sauce and paste to diced and whole, and juice. A good share are packed into cans with white lining, butyl hydroxalated touethylene, also very toxic. And sent to you to eat. Now those fields are sprayed again, with something so potent, the tomato bushes and unusable to packers ripe tomatoes, literally thousands of them , are brown and crunchy in 24 hours. Signs are posted saying "If you eat these you will die" and then all that poison is turned into the ground, waiting for a new crop to be planted in it. If you start checking it out, you will ind that most produce is grown with sprays by the Big Six, Monsanto, Syngenta, Basf, Bayer, Dupont and Dow. These sprays are killing our bees, butterflies and us. Graphs have been done showing the direct increase in cancer, arthritis, allergies,Alzheimer, etc since these growing practices began, about 30 years ago. Before then, cancer in a child was rare, ADHD was not known, you get the picture. it's not that we need research to find cures, we need to stop eating what is causing all this. But that would be costly to the BIg SIx and Big Pharma and doctors who make a great living trying to treat these ills. And of course, insurance factors in. If we were not sick, how would they make money? When I started this study there were some countries banning these growing practice, now over 64 have done so and will not buy the U S 's GMO grown crops, in fact we are importing corn from other countries because folk are wising up and demanding better food. So our farmers are loosing pay checks. . I am going to give you a list of sites to look up to verify all this, and there are hundreds more, you can do your own research and learn just how badly we are being fed. Get smart, buy organic, it will change how things are done if we refuse the garbage we are now fed. Please do some looking and learning, and get healthy. We are destroying our planet and ourselves with greed. And here they are, good reading to you.,,

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