Friday, September 16, 2016

Surgery, trips, safe hand sanitizer

What a crazy last week it was. With many thanks to my patient son Doug, who took me back and forth to Knoxville so many times I lost track. Had a cataract removed on a Tuesday, had to go back for a check up on Wednesday. The surgery went well but after it was over, we were stuck on the second floor as the power had gone out and the elevator was not working. So getting home was a little later than planned. The next day checkup was fairly fast but on the way home we got behind a long long line of traffic, we slowly moved until we got to an accident scene, that looked to involve several cars. All kinds of emergency vehicles were responding. So I spent a week sleeping with a shield over the eye, not real comfy, kind of made a lot of sweating. And eye drops,3 times a day, 3 kinds. So this week, one return trip that was a doozy, as I got out of Doug's car, I hit the switch for windows and locks. We were partly pulled into a parking spot but he stopped, and got me out of the car before pulling in as the space was tight. And then we realized I had locked the doors and the car was running with the key inside. Duh. Felt like an utter idiot. I went on in, by the time I was done, Doug had come in, he called AAA who happened to have a guy a block away who got the car open. Well, if that was not enough, when we left the office, we could not get out as someone had locked the door from the other side. There is a series of 3 doors across the building, and we were behind door number one. Another couple was there too, and Doug went around the building and let us all out. Whew. Finally home, have one more check up middle of next month. Not sure I want to do the second eye, such a hassle. The last few days I peeled, chopped and cooked pears into pear butter and sauce. Now I am getting back into a somewhat normal routine. The last few weeks the news has been running articles on using hand sanitizer and anti bacterial soap, they contain triclosan which is not considered a safe ingredient. The soap is being re formulated, but in the meantime if you think you need to use such and item, I have a recipe that is safe. Actually, good old soap is good, and better for you to use. But here is the recipe:10 drops of essential lavender oil, 30 drops of tea tree oil, 1 Tablespoon of witch hazel, 8 ounces of pure aloe vera gel, 1/4 teaspoon vitamin E oil. Mix all together and put in a pump hand soap container, Shake lightly before use. Its approaching Fall on the calendar but still in the 90s here. Time to start getting the yard ready for winter. Not my favorite time, cold is not my best thing these days. I will take the heat over that. But it will be nice to see some crisp temperatures, and fall leaves one of these days. The holidays will get together and roll past in a blur, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. Hope we all take time to enjoy the changes. take care, stay well.

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