Tuesday, June 7, 2016

STOP! Don't buy that. Yet.

There are a zillion people out there trying to sell us stuff. This will make you skinny, this will make your hair gorgeous, this will make you stop aging, this will remove wrinkles, etc, on and on. Well, I recently learned a lesson. Had been watching ads on tv , QVC and on my computer for a hair care line, WEN. I watched for many months before I bit., What a deal, you could get $139.95 worth of product for $39.95. So I ordered it. And soon had a huge box of stuff. I use shampoo and conditioner, but not all the other bottles, tubes and sprays in the box. And yep, first time I used it, my hair was soft, shiny and pretty. Kept on using it but in a few weeks, the drain was clogged with hair and my brush was full of hair every day. And then one morning o GMAu(ABC) there was a warning from medical experts saying this product was under fire, and being sued by many woman for hair loss. So I quit using it. Was going to flush it, but didn't want to get it in our ground water so ended up sending the containers to the dump. If this had been the end, that would have been good. But one day I got a huge box of products again and a bill for $139.99 to be taken off my credit card. Called the card folk and told them I had not authorized this bill and did not want to pay it. Called Wen and protested, asking to be removed from list and telling them I did not like the stuff. They said it was taken care of. But nope, not so, a month later yet another box of product was shipped and I was billed. Went through procedure again but this time demanded a letter stating I was no longer on their mailing list. Got it by e mail later the same day. Here's the deal. Never buy anything unless you go online, look for ingredients, results and mostly customer reviews, read as many of those as you can. They are so valuable. I learned my lesson the hard way, every one wants to sell you stuff, but its not all good stuff and it's up to us to protect ourselves from scammers, and even legit companies if there are things in those products that cause us grief. I recently bought pillows and spent weeks looking for the right one for me, and in the end got a good deal, but read a lot before I made the final decision. Did you ever watch a drug ad? Ask your doctor if you need "---". There are studies out now saying Prolia, given to post menopausal women with osteoporosis is not effective, and in fact does more harm than good. As do Nexium, Prilosec and those heart burn reflux meds. They damage your kidneys if you use more than just once in a while. Love watching the ads, and the side effects ending with "and death" at the end. So my point is, do some research, as much as you can, and find out if you really want something before you spend good money on it. Sadly, you can not rely on what anyone says these days, honestly is just not the policy.

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