Friday, June 24, 2016

Recipes, Rants, IDeas

Do we not elect senators and congressmen? Have they totally lost track of their job? They seem to always be taking vacations without deciding any major issues, get big salaries, amazing retirement benefits and yet do not take the job of representing us at all seriously. And they squabble like school kids, come on, work together for the good of the people, that is your job. If we did our jobs the way they do theirs, we would be fired. Not many years ago, hearing our national anthem, or reciting the pledge of allegiance made our hearts flutter with pride. But it seems now we are no longer the land of the brave and the home of the free. Oh yes, we have many brave people who do stick up for and protect us, but the freedoms our forefathers fought for are slipping away, like pulling the plug in your tub and watching the water go down the drain. If you are a white, Christian, straight person, the Good Lord forbid you say anything about anyone else. But those others can constantly pick at us and take away our freedom of speech and religion. Yes, I believe people have rights, but time was people came to this country because they wanted to become Americans, learn our ways, language and become apart of us. Not drag their country and their way of living here and push ours out. if we went to any other country in the world, we would go because we wanted their way of live, and we would not push our ways on them. Ok, feel better, just hate the way life is going, and fear for our kids and grand kids future, not shining and bright like it was in the past. It has been HOT lately, and the humidity makes it feel like breathing underwater at times. If you are suffering from allergies and headaches, here is a tea to help. 1 teaspoon of peppermint leaves brewed in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes, strain and add 1 teaspoon black cumin seed oil( get this at Mountain Rose Herbs) and 1 to 2 teaspoons of organic honey. Sip and relax.You must know we are loosing our bees due to the GMO growing in our country, and that will mean down the line no pollination and loss of many crops. If you want to help encourage bees, plant some of these in your yard, yarrow, sedum, Rudbeckia, Lantana, goldenrod(yep) butterfly weed, asters, bee balm and even catnip. I found a neat pattern for a bee house, made of 4x8 inch pieces of wood, made into a box, filled with potters clay and holes punche 3/4 of the way back with a 1/2 inch pencil or dowel, my pencils are not that big so maybe a wood spoon handle. Put some screw hooks and a wire on top and hang in the yard. Son Doug has taken a long time foster dog to town this am for his journey to Jersey and hopefully a loving new home soon, will miss the big lug, he is a sweetie. Hope he gets a good home soon. Well, off to brew some iced tea and vacuum. Stay cool, see you soon.

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