Friday, June 17, 2016

Living in a Toxic World

Just a rough guess but maybe 80% of the stuff we use every day contains at least one and sometimes more toxic ingredients. Nail polish has Toluene, very harmful I found some natural water based from a company called Vita Cost, but it says to take it off with rubbing alcohol and that does not work. The only way I found is to peel it off, little by little. There are Parabans, and all manor of bad for your health things put into toothpaste, mouthwash, cosmetics soap, shampoo, it takes a lot of research to find things that are not going to do you some harm. Reading labels is imperative these days. My new Mother Earth magazine has a run down on some toxins, and where there are. I'd like to share it with you. Number 1 BPA . This is a hormone disruptor, linked to breast and prostate cancer, yep, guys are in danger too. If you are still buying non organic canned foods, and the lining of your can is white, that's the stuff. Try a different brand at least. Also found in water and baby bottles and cash register receipts. Might not want to keep those around. Number 2 is Phthalates. They are also cancer causing, hormone disrupting and linked to mental problems. Most often found in toys, flooring and cosmetics. Number 3 is Parabans. These are every where, shampoos, foods, personal items of all kinds, read that label. They are huge hormone disruptors, be cautious using them on kids, shampoo is prime. Number 4 is Formaldehyde. This one I have battled with since a child, get a nasty rash if I get near anything containing it, It is mostly a carcinogenic. Found in clothing, flooring and lots of common everyday things, again your soap and shampoo. Even flu shots, I finally was told to quit getting them after getting so sick for many years of having one. Doc figured it out, glad to know about that. And number 5 is flame retardants. These are linked to reproductive and developmental issues. For a time children's pajamas were treated, and other clothing but its also used in furniture making. These are just the tip of the iceberg, there are literally thousands of chemicals in our products, from clothing to personal care, to what our homes are built of. There are a lot of place you can research these, try for your personal care,for building materials try If you are looking for a particular substance, just put it in your search engine, tons of things come up. It's been very humid, making it feel much hotter than usual. We are not as bad as some places, but warm enough. Not complaining, much prefer this to winter. Got a lot done early, took the cat litter box, and the container I put the used litter into out and scrubbed them this am, all drying in the sun. Got a late start as I received my order of organic baking products yesterday and mad e a few cookies early. Sometimes ya just need a little dessert. Stay safe and cool, play in the hose with the kids and grandkids. Missing my little ones, Dad is back in school studying hard this summer. See you soon.

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