Friday, October 11, 2013

Chicken recall, winter ideas, graham crackers

  Once again chicken is on the chopping block.  Nearly 300 people have  become     ill from salmonella in chicken. Of those, 42 percent have been hospitalized.  Sad fact is, there is nothing medicine wise that fights this strain. And of course, the government shut down is affecting you knowing about this problem.  If you have any labeled Foster Farms, toss it out. Otherwise, cook it well done and it should be ok.  If you would like to check for other recalls, go to http://www.usasatoday and look for recalled items. I saw cucumbers listed there too.
 Interesting week, have learned a few tips to pass on from Dr Oz and his daughter, Daphne. Lets start with egg shells.  Rinse them, let dry and put in a glass jar with an inch or so of apple cider vinegar. Place in frig. In 3 days orso, the egg shells should be dissolved. Shake this mix and use to rub on aches and pains, it's a natural reliever.  If you are having digestive issues, get some oregano oil capsules. 200 mg  3 times a day should help clean out your system and ease gut issues, it cleans out bad bacteria.  If you suspect parasites, try taking graviola.  And of course we get back to ginger, ayurvedic traditions say  that ginger warms the body from the inside and breaks down toxins so brew yourself some ginger root tea if you are feeling a cold coming on.
  Turns out some of grandma's folk medicine remedies are right on track.  Using honey and vinegar to cut a cough, gargling with warm salt water for sore throats,( I still chew garlic cloves,) using steam to open breathing passages, put a towel over your head over a bowl of boiling water and breathe, and this one is new to me, if you have a boil, put a piece of bacon fat over it and cover with a bandage for several days to draw it out.
  I made graham crackers last week, they were not bad but lacked flavor. Think they needed cinnamon or vanilla added. But they are easy, 4 tablespoons of maple syrup, 4 tablespoons of melted butter, mix, mix in an egg, then add 1/2 teaspoon baking soda and 2 cups of whole wheat flour.  Flatten out to fill your  cookie sheet,score into 2 inch squares,prick with fork and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.  I like them with the new greek yogurt cream cheese that is in the market now.
  Fun week around here, the battery in the car died, had to replace that. Then the heater started making really awful noises so had it looked at. Thought is was ok but when I turned it on this am, it was still making weird noises.  And last night the toilet was acting up, that turned out to be an easy fix, so no problem but it does seem things gang up and come in bunches. Or threes. Yesterday I got up and fixed breakfast including something I seldom have, grape juice. Usually I eat fresh fruit and avoid juice, but had a yen for grape. Well, I had paperwork on the table for the place I work as a volunteer, and a stack of cards ready to mail for church and family members, and of course, I knocked over the juice.  What a mess, won't be getting any more, too klutzy After that, I was cleaning the cat litter box, putting the clumps in a plastic bag, but missed the bag and put it all over the floor. Clean up on aisle 9.  Some days I am a real menace, just plain klutzy. But the day got by and better as it went.
  We are having some really nice weather, coolish nights, just under 50 most of the time, but mid to upper 70s during the day.  Really enjoy it, hate to think of winter coming. We should all be out getting the sun and fresh air while it lasts. Hope you have a wonderful week, full of good surprises. Take care, stay well.

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