Friday, April 19, 2013

Tough Week in the USA

    Thinking about a blog subject this week has been difficult. So I have decided to say some of the things that are in my heart instead. 
     911 shook this country up, and for a while we were all sort of united in a common cause. Faded away to some extent, we forgot to watch our for each other, cover each others backs and stay in communication.  So we had two major tragedies this last week. Unless you live under a rock, you have to know about the bombing at the Boston Marathon.  It brought back all the memories and thoughts of 911. Once again, someone is  attacking our cities.  Watching all the videos, it's a wonder no more were killed. But there are many who are severely  injured and will not forget this attack the rest of their lives. Many lost limbs, and will require surgery, maybe many times, to help them in their recovery.  Months of pain and suffering will fill their lives. Their families and friends will be caring for  them the rest of their lives. How can it be that people who hate the Americans so  much are among us, talking to us, acting as friends, only to be planning an act of terror. We have always opened our country to immigrants, and hoped they would become American citizens, productive and caring. But that does not always hold true. And it would be impossible to screen out someone set on hurting us very far ahead of time. In fact , sometimes these heinous attacks are done , like at Columbine, by American citizens. It's kind of like this thing with new gun laws, most of us would be responsible and not plan on killing mass amounts of people. But someone who was planning that would likely get weapons whatever the status  was for selling them. It's just sad that so many people have so much hatred in their hearts. Who failed them, how did their lives go wrong? Where is God or their power in their lives?

   To  add to the sadness, there was that horrific blast in Waco, Texas . The town looks like it was bombed. More people died there than in Boston, and this is supposedly an accident. Never the less, it is painful to see so many hurt and gone forever.
  I spend a part of each day, reading my bible, spending time in prayer, asking God to watch over all of us, and keep us safe. Big order. Guess it's all part of his plan, and trying to understand it is impossible. Like loosing a child, or a husband, we are not meant to understand His ways, just to keep praying and asking for his help to understand and go forward, trying to do what he has put us on this earth for. I have days when I truly wonder if I am doing anything worth while, so glad I have some volunteer and some church work to help me feel like I am contributing at least a little in the way of compassion and caring. I continue to hope and pray that this world will become a better place for all of us, the fears for my grand kids and great grand kids are immense. Somehow, I am glad I am old now and will not live to see a lot of what this country will become down the line 20 years from now.
   For all of us, I hope we can step back, say a prayer for all the hurting families this week, and keep praying for better things in the future.
  I hope all of you have a safe and happy week, filled with spring flowers and sunshine, just never forget to be grateful for all the good things your lives  have in them.

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  1. When horrible things happen, the idea that it is all somehow part of God's plan has never been very comforting to me. I've never liked the idea of worshiping a God who could intentionally orchestrate the horrific, untimely tragedies in innocent peoples' lives.

    When people ask "Where is God?" in the face of tragedy, I feel God can be one of two things--all powerful or all good. But not both because they are mutually exclusive in today's world. A God who was both could control everything, and would not let evil things happen. Clearly, that is not the case.

    I personally choos to believe in a God who is good and just, and so I have to assume that there are things that are simply out of God's control. There are some things over which God doesn't have jurisdiction. Our choices, our will, our behavior. These are our actions, not God's. Keep your faith intact. Sometimes it's all we have.