Saturday, April 13, 2013

Life is full of changes

   This last week was full of many changes. We had our first really warm weather, near 80 several days, almost 90 one day, and rain of course. Now it's cooler, but very pleasant. The Redbud trees burst open in all their splendor  the last few days, most of the forsythia and daffodils are long gone now. I have some pretty tulips blooming  in the front yard. Got the garden ready for planting with the able help of my son.  Have put out seeds for things that won't be up for a bit, so should be warm enough when they do pop out, like beans and zucchini.
  Missed my normal blog yesterday, my old computer started overheating to the point it would pop off, and give me a shock.  So with my oldest son who is a marvel with computers,  helped me pick out and get a new one up and running.  It changed me from a Vista system to Windows 8 and boy are they different.  I spent a while today getting cameras, card programs etc installed, then had a little help finding this blog spot.  Good thing I have a son with a great sense of computers to help me out.  I am  the world's biggest geek when it comes to technology.  Smart phones?  Hey, just give me one that makes calls and lets me text, all those apps just mess with my head. Same with computers, and this one does apps instead of what I am used to seeing. As time goes by, it will get easy and I will wonder why I could not figure out so many things.
  I have not taken time to compile a real blog for this week, so I will just let you know I am still around, just behind the eight ball. 
  Next week I promise to do better!

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