Friday, April 5, 2013

List of GMO free companys, lots of household ideas

  Ok, so Spring is taking it's time, but they are saying by tomorrow we will be much warmer, in the 70's. Can hardly wait. This has been the 6th coldest winter on record, and my icy feet can attest to that.
  This week has been full of strange and useful ideas to share with you. Did you know that you can rub a stick of chalk on a grease stain, let it set a few minutes, then wash as usual? Should remove the grease.  Or if you have cookie sheets or baking dishes that have been burned a bit, you can make a paste of  1/4 cup baking soda and enough peroxide(hydrogen) to create a paste, rub it on and let it sit a while then wash. You can use this on discolored white refrigerator and stove handles too.
  If you are fighting ear wax, mix equal parts of rubbing alcohol and white vinegar, I would only do a small amount, like maybe 1/2 teaspoon of each, put a few drops in each ear, give it a bit, then tip head and drain it out. May need to repeat for a couple of days.
  This idea came up on face book, but I am not too sure about it. Its a flea and tick treatment for dogs and cats. Mix 8 ounces of apple cider vinegar with 4 ounces of water,  and carefully add 1/2 of salt, it may react slightly.  Put in spray bottle and use on pet, maybe several days running. However, I did a little research and found that if licked excessively, it may change the pet PH which might cause problems, so not sure if I would use it. I would however use it on furniture and carpets to kill fleas. You would want to check materials in an inconspicuous place to be sure of color fastness. I think for the pet, I might still use a little bag of mint tied to the collar. This idea came from  a site called  allthingshomemade, but it just referred me to Pinterest and  got no further information.
 Saw a way of creating tiles for your walls that sounds interesting.  Cut cardboard squares the size you want the tiles, use cereal boxes, shirt card boards, anything about that thick. Using your imagination or a pattern, create  a design you like on the cardboard  with white glue, let it dry. Cover tightly with aluminum foil. securing on back. Then rub with shoe polish or stain to get desired color. Glue on prepared surface.
  A few thoughts on OTC medicines.  Almost all of these, be they for pain, heartburn, etc, cause liver failure, internal bleeding, and the danger of strokes. Please take time to read all the side effects. I had considered taking Pepcid, thinking it was safer than prescription stuff, but I was wrong, it has the same side effects. I learned to eat earlier, a little less, and leave at least 5 hours before lying down for the night. So far I have had good luck. On occasion I do grab some DGL, deglycerized chewable licorice. Great for tummys.  If you want to avoid medications, there are so many alternatives. For pain, headaches or body, try feverfew or white willow bark, shades of Dr Quinn and the indian remedys, but they work, and no side effects.
  If you have arthritis pain, try bromelain,  maybe just eating pineapple everyday,  or capsaicin capsules or rubs, devil's claw, fish oil(capsules)or my faves, turmeric and ginger.  Back to the headaches, you can also try aromatherapy, put a few drops of eucalyptus, lavender or peppermint on a hanky and inhale. Chamomile  or lemon balm tea also help.
   For muscle aches, good old epsom salts in a tub of warm water is great.
 If you have IBS, or that kind of problem, add a couple of drops of peppermint oil to your tea or cocoa.
  I found a good list of company's that are GMO free, their site is  http://nourishedkitchen.comgmofree-food.  In case you don't want to look them up, here are a few of them: Arrowhead Mills, Eden Foods, Purity Foods, Genesoy, Earth's Best,  HealthyTimes(baby foods),  Bob's Red Mill, Whole Foods stores,  Cascadian farms, Muir glen, Nature's path and the list goes on.
  There is a fairly new product out, I find it in my vitamin catalog, Swansons, called avocado oil. If you use this in place of some of the olive oil you are used to, it protects your eyes and vision against macular degeneration, cataracts etc. It's tasty so no problem working it into your diet.
   Can hardly wait for tomorrow, sunshine and warm temps to get out and do some spring gardening,. We have had a lot of rain lately, know it's good for the ground, but this old bod could use the sun for a while. I see the red bud trees are looking pink, so will be blooming soon. Easter week makes me feel like rebirth, all things new again etc. Hope you are getting spring in your area too.
  Remember, you get one body, it's your most precious possession, so guard and care for it. Happy spring.
  One last shot, President Obama signed the bill allowing Monsanto and other growers to expand their list of GMO produced foods. This means more poison in what we eat, our government sure is not concerned about keeping us healthy, just selling medicine to us after we are sick. Somehow, that does not seem right.

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