Friday, October 5, 2012

Old Dog, new tricks, Red peppers, Toner etc

 Yesterday, my son brought me some gorgeous red peppers, one a lipstick. My freezer is full of pre stuffed ready to bake ones, and others cut into strips for stir fry etc, so wanted something different. I love pimentos, and guess what, those pricy little jars are just roasted red peppers. Its so easy, just cut the washed peppers in half, seed and clean out the inside, put them upside down on foil and roast at 450 degrees for about 17 minutes. !5 minutes was not long enough, 20 was too long, so must depend on your oven. Just watch closely, they start to blacken when done. Fold the foil up tightly around them and cool. The skins slip right off and then just chop them and put into a glass jar in the frig, ready for potato salad or whatever , and they taste great.
  There is a web site called They have good recipes for homemade cleaners. Here's one that will clean your shower, tub  etc. Just mix half Dawn and half white vinegar, and apply.  Rinse off and , voila, clean .
   Do you need a good toner for your face? Try this:
 3 tablespoons fresh or dried mint leaves
2 tablespoons apple cider vinegar
1 cup distilled water. Mix all in sterile container, let sit 3 days, strain, and apply to face after washing.
  How about an after bath spray? I love to spritz on after I have soaked myself pruny.
 Mix 1 cup apple cider vinegar, 1 teaspoon fresh or dried sage, 1 teaspoon fresh or dried thyme 1 teaspoon ground  cloves.  let this sit in a mason jar for 2 weeks, the strain and put in a clean spray bottle.
  Lots of stuff in the news , like peanut butter recalls, and items made with peanut butter. Salmonella again. Also, we are watching closely the products containing arsenic and GMO's . The list of food with GMO's is long, you almost have to stick with organic  to be sure. Anything with corn or soy or wheat is suspect.And of course, rice is being tested for arsenic, so that is a concern too. No wonder we have so much illness, we are eating crap. These things all have such bad effects on our babes, children come up with the worst problems as they are small and absorb too much. Be very careful what you are feeding your kids.
  Cooking from scratch takes a little getting used to , but once you are on to it, it's easy and takes little time. If you buy blueberrys, celery,or potatoes, be sure they are organic. Regular potatoes are soaked in insectisides to keep them free of bugs while growing. And it grows right into the potatoes in large amounts. I had not known that til this week. You can pull up Dr Oz s show and find more information there. It was Thursdays, October 4th.
  Well, it's feeling like fall, but still not really cold, We have hovered in the 50's at night and upper 70's days. Just about perfect weather. Still have the windows open, hate the thought of being shut up for the winter.

      Take care, eat well, and stay healthy.

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