Friday, October 12, 2012

Facial mask, worth $40.00 for pennies, cold season approaching

  I have been readng a blog by Jon Gallagher for some time now, it's a class on learning and using herbs.  Called Learning Herbs, strangely enough. One of the contributors is Rosemary Gladstone. She has been practicing for about 40 years and has a lot of tried and true helps to share. If you go to Mountain Rose Herbs site, you may find their information there.
  This weeks video taught us a simple cough syrup. Slice an onion into thin slices, put in a pot, cover with honey and simmer til syrupy. Long ago, on a wood burning stove, this would have just stayed on the back where it was warm, and you would take out a spoon full when needed. But now, just put the mix into a clean jar and keep in your refrigerator. Take a spoon full when needed. If you want to get fancy, you can add garlic, grated ginger etc, but thats your option. This is much simpler than the stuff I brew all summer on my cupboard, will be doing it soon.
   If you feel a cold coming on, mix equal parts of dried yarrow, peppermint and elder flowers. Steep as a tea and drink a cup several times a day. I have the yarrow and peppermint growing, guess I need to find an elderberry bush. My gram used to have them, made jelly, pie and wine from the berrys.  I am pretty much out of room to add new plants, so maybe just ordering the flowers is in order.
  I love a show called THE CHEW, on ABC. Yesterday Daphne Oz talked about a product she had purchased that cost her $40.00  for a small jar. She read the ingredients and for under a buck, made her own. Very simple, take pumpkin, and this can be canned or one you have cooked yourself  and mashed, add half as much sugar, the grainy organic type, and a few drops of flax seed oil. Mix,  spread on face with your fingers. Let it set about 5 minutes, and gently rinse off. The beta carotene is so good for your skin. Good for you to eat too!
  This time of year there are a lot of squashes ripe and ready, be sure you add them to your diet. The orange veggies are so healthy for you.
  It's dark and gloomy again today, we have had a lot of rainy days lately. Got a little sun yesterday, and may get some later today before it rains on us again by Sunday afternoon. I see the red, gold and orange colors burnishing th e mountain now, driving is a treat as it's a beautiful time of the year. There will be a lot of tourists heading to the mountains to see all this splendor the next few weeks.  I can just look out my window and see the gorgeous trees spreading up the mountain behind me. I love fall, just wish it was not followd by winter, not my favorite time of year.  Mostly because we are unable to be outside gardening. But it will be spring again, just have to be patient. Hope you are enjoying the crisp nights, cerulan blue skys and cooler days of fall. Heat up the cider and stay well.

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