Monday, October 15, 2012

Fall's Rainbow of Color

 About 2 PM I head for the bedroom, for my daily exercise session. I am on the floor to use my weights and oxygenator. Lying there, I look out my north window at a splendid maple tree just outside the window. The color is a splash of red orange, like a flame shot down from the sun and started a fire. It's a magnificent color. And directly under the bottom branches is a holly bush, with its ever bright green leaves, now colored  in with the bright red berries of fall.
  As I look up the mountain, there is a tree with leaves that are a russet color, like a rich dark wine. And beyond that is a brilliant yellow tree, and in between are green ones, still hanging on to their summer color.
  Looking upwards, the sky behind these glowing colors is that fall blue, bright azure, that seems to almost glow. Occasionally a puffy white cloud slides through, adding one more color.
 When I get up, I look up the mountain behind me, to the east. The top is colored now, with reds and golds. The grass is still a lovely green, we have had a lot of rain lately so things are still fresh. And so far, no frost has damaged our late growing garden.
  Fall might be my favorite time of year, except that it tells me the warm days are leaving and soon we will wake up to frost, chilly mornings, and cool days.  When I was young I liked winter, but now it just tells me I might go sliding and fall, and break something.  One of the perks of being a senior citizen. I tend to become a chicken and stay in when the temps fall below freezing.  Broke a bone last year, not wanting to do it again.
   There is no way to look at the colors and not think how God reaches out and paints the scenery with his never failing accuracy. I am grateful to see each season, and enjoy the beauty of this earth. Hope you have time to do some looking too.
 Take care, open your eyes and enjoy. All to soon, the scenery will change to frosty whites, and snow blanketing the grass.

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