Friday, August 10, 2012

Visiters, Family, and a few ideas for your health

  It's been a great week here, my sis and brother in law from Neraska came and spent the week. We bummed around a little and ate out, but mostly visited and caught up, kind of a rare occurance. They left this morning for home, sure is quiet. I also saw very impressive pictures of my grandsons new apartment, he has started grad school in MD, he is such a great wonder, so smart. I have been blessed with a remarkable family, there is no way it could have been better! I thank the Good Lord every day for blessing me so greatly.
   My mind has been elsewhere this last week so just have a few ideas to share this time.
  Hope you are not encountering colds, but if you have one, or a sinus problem, try this. Fill your tub with good hot water, add a cup of epsom salts, and a few drops of  eucalyptus, thyme and rosemary oil. If you don;t have the rosemary oil, tie up a good spoonful  of dry herb in a little  cloth and drop in. Sit back and soak, inhaling the scent. Will help clear your breathing passages,
 the epsom salts is absorbed by your body to relax the bronchial passages.
   Did you know artichokes are helpful if you have heart burn or digestive issues? I have tried artichoke tea but don't much like it and didn't see that it helped me. Maybe instead just eating a "choke is better, it helps your bile flow and your digestive system.
   If you are fighting diarrhea,  peel an apple, chop it a little and toss in your blender with a teaspoon of lemon or lime juice, a half dozen drops of honey and a tad of cinnamon. Should help before long.
  Papaya's are great for acid reflux, and most of the stores I have been in carry them. Add a few slices to your meal and see if they help.
  When my oldest son was in high school, he developed an ulcer and was pretty miserable We found that if he drank several glasses of cabbage "water" a day, it helped. Roughly chop a cabbage and cook a few minutes, cover and let sit overnight. Guess it might help if you add a cup to two cups of water. Strain out the liquid and drink  a couple of glasses during the day. It seems to be a wonderful soother, and so inexpensive so worth a try.
  If you are a headache sufferer, try making tea with a ginger teabag, a little feverfew, this is easy to buy as a herb,  and some lemon balm, about a teaspoon each of the feverfew and lemon balm. Brew and drink. I grow lemon balm and have been looking for good ways to use it, glad to know this one.
  Summer is nearly over but we will likely have a few hot days yet, so if , like me, you are a coffee person, here's a great treat to try. Save 2 cups of your morning coffee, put in a pitcher, add 2 to 3 packages of stevia, the small ones, 2 cups of almond or soy milk, 2 tablespoons of cocoa and a splash of vanilla. Mix well and serve over ice. Yummm!
  Hope you have a wonderful week end, school has started here so know fall is on the way. Take care, be well!

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