Friday, August 31, 2012

Fall Cleaning recipes, great herbs, Nutella cookies

  How quickly things change! Got up and dressed this morning, turned out the bedroom light and headed down the hall to the kitchen. Total darkness. ran into the wall a couple of times and turned on the light when I got to the end of the hall. Before today, had been able to see where I was going. Must be fall. So it's time to get ready to close up the house.
  Decided this week to refresh and de-mite my mattress. Looked long and hard for recipes and found a couple I will share with you. For the mattress try this:
  1 cup of baking soda
  1 tablespoon fabric softener
  4 drops of  lavender essential oil, or oil of your choice. Mix throughly and sprinkle over mattress. Let set for 1 hour and vacuum off.
  I don't use fabric softener so went looking for a recipe for that. It turned out so great! Had a bottle of honeysuckle conditioner under the sink that had been there for years, so a good way to use it up. And here is that simple recipe, courtesy of You may want to check their web site, all kinds of good stuff there.
    2 cups hair conditioner
    3 cups white vinegar
    6 cups boiling water. Mix all well and store in container. As I often do, I cut this recipe to a quarter of the original amount and still have a good sized container. It smells wonderful. The honeysuckle is very nice, choose a conditioner you like the smell of and you will like it.
   Made some easy and pretty good cookies first of the week.
           Nutella Goodies
1 cup of flour,
1 egg
1 cup Nutella
  Mix well, roll into teaspoon sized balls, flatten slightly, bake at 350 degrees for 8 minutes. You know me, I swapped out half of the Nutella for natural chunky peanut butter. Still came out very tasty.
  Last this week, courtesy of the Dr Oz show, I have a list of herbs and spices that promote your good health.
1. Turmeric, great anti-inflammatory
2. Cloves, considered cinnamon on steroids
3. Cinnamon, super star, lowers blood sugar
4. Allspice,  great for digestion
5. Apple pie spice , great combo
6. Oregano,  this one is antimicrobial
7. Marjoram,  good for digestion and sleep aid
8. Sage
9. Thyme
10. Italian Spice mix
 Add lots of these to your cooking and enjoy their benefits. Need less salt that way too.
   One last thought. If you have silver fillings in your teeth, each one has about 1000 mg of mercury in it. So your body is fighting mercury poisoning and you can help by taking something called chlorella.   Start out with 100 to 200 mg per meal and work up to 500 mg as your body accepts it. The bigger dose to start with might cause problems.
   Dr Oz also had a help for skin cancer, non-melanoma.  Its a cream made of eggplant. By using for about 3 months, the cancer will go away. You may want to check with your doctor before using. It's marketed as  BEC 5 or  Curederm.
  Labor day week end is upon us, the long hot summer draws to an end. I am not a winter person but the cooler weather is very appealing this year. Picked zucchini, tomatoes and beans this morning but the garden is looking sad so need to start taking it out.  Hope you have a safe weekend and a good holiday. Til next time, stay well.

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