Friday, August 17, 2012

Are you proactive about your life? Do you let FDA and Big Pharma rule you?

  The first book I ever read on caring for your health was Back to Eden, by Jethro Kloss. I was about 19 and had 2 babies. I wanted to bring them up with as little illness as possible, so started studying anything I could find on being healthy.
   His one statement that has stuck all these years was to avoid the 5 whites. Sugar, flour, rice, shortening and salt have no food value and do nothing good for your body. In fact, they cause inflammation and nearly any illness is caused by that inflammation. From cancer to sinus, you can prevent it.
  My sis was here visiting last week and we stopped at the local Health Food store for some herbs and information. She mentioned her hubby's asthma and the first thing the owner asked was if they used milk. She said yes, but they had changed to organic. No good, he said, any milk causes mucus and swelling so sinus, allergies and that kind of thing are common in people who use dairy products. I was feeling a bit smug as I have used soy milk for over 40 years now, but guess what, it's not good either, too much estrogen type stuff. His recommendation was almond milk only, maybe rice milk. So I am making that change.
   You need to learn to avoid foods that cause inflammation, here are a few: bagels, bread, candy, cake, cookies, cereal, (except old fashioned or steel cut oats), cornstarch, cornbread,  corn syrup, crackers, donuts, fast food, fried food, hot dogs, ice cream, margerine, muffins, noodles, pancakes, pasta, shortening, soda, sugar, tacos, tortillas, waffles. The list is much longer but that gives you an idea.
  I recently went on a quest to see if I could find GMO free, organic cereals. It's not easy. When I contacted the big companys, the standard answer was, no , we don't have that, but the FDA says our ingredients are safe. Well, that's a crock. The FDA is in big pharma's pocket, and they want you on as many meds as they can push on you. And you must be aware, that one, leads to 3, to 5  etc. I needed something for heartburn a while back, but after checking, found out that Nexium, Prilosec etc, cause bone loss and anemia. So in a short time you will need more meds for those problems, and that becomes an ever widening pool. I learned to eat less, earlier, and chew deglycerized licorice if needed. Not going into that trap. There are two cereal company's that meet my needs, Cascadian Farms, and Kashi.
   If you do not know about GMO's, they are genetically modified organisms, Seeds that are shot full of chemicals to kill weeds and bugs. And they are in the food you eat. 93% of all babies born now test positive for GMO's.
  One of the things I learned very early was how to avoid my folks health problems, the big one being arthritis, the crippling, hand knarling kind. I was told to take ginger and turmeric. They are both anti inflammatories and have done an excellent job. They also keep your body from developing other inflammatory problems. Well worth knowing, cheap and effective.  I only recently learned that if you start taking zeaxanthin when you are 30 to 40, you can prevent cataract's. I am taking it now, and have reversed the beginning Cataracts I did have.
  Not saying you can never have a cookie, or ice cream, but you sure need to limit them and stick with fresh fruits and vegetables, organic if possible.  I am so happy we grow so much of what we eat. Have canned and frozen a lot for the winter, will be good to fall back on when its cold and nasty outside.
   One last reminder, the tomato products, all those tomatoes are picked green and ripened in ethylene gas, so you are eating that poison if you open a can of pasta sauce, tomato paste or sauce.
  Just so you will know, I am 75, live alone, garden, volunteer, and am happy with life on my mountain. No smog, fumes etc. Have a problem getting around those, or people who smoke. Sure does choke one up quickly.
   You are able to take your life, and your family's, and improve it by what you do every day. Make smart choices, READ labels, be that proactive person that has the final say about your health, and your familys.
  If you are interested in more information, check out Jordan Rubin's website, or find books by Doctor Andrew Weil, Dr Joe Mercola, or just turn on The Doctors or Dr Oz. A lot of doctors are now questioning taking medicines with harmful side effects, and trying to teach us to live healthy.
   Have a good week!

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