Saturday, June 16, 2012

From Chia Pets to Chia wonder Seeds

   Remember when your mom had a Happy Hank, or some other  form that was covered with growing chia seeds, and looked like grass growing inside the house? My Mom had Happy Hank but lately, there must be dozens of different chia pets available.
  Maybe it would be healthier to start eating these seeds. I have become quite fond of them, add some to cereal or make pudding with them. It is a new food to me so still in the experimental stage, and I wonder how come I didn't know about them sooner.
 Lately there are articles and recipes in magazines, and on tv with all the information about their health benefits. Here are a few of them.
  They help you loose weight because they keep you feeling full for a long time, and are much cheaper and healthier than diet pills.
  They help balance your blood sugar so are good for diabetics, no sugar needs to be used in their preparation.
  They prevent diverticulitis. The outer shell is insoluble so helps them to pass through your system, cleaning out debris. They are kind of slick and slimy so move easily through your system.
   They contain lots of healthy omega 3's.  Also antioxidants to slow aging. Because they fill you up, you have fewer cravings. They are loaded with fiber, protein etc. Chia was used by the Aztecs and Mayans, considered to be a staple in their cultures.  They have a minimum amount of calories , 11 grams of fiber per ounce, and 18% of your daily calcium needs.
   Recipes, these are so easy it's ridiculous.

    Chocolate peanut butter pudding

2 cups milk  (I use soy or rice)
1/2 cup chia seeds
1/4 cup cocoa
1/4 cup natural peanut butter
3/4 cup splenda, or stevia or agave to your taste. The latter 2 take small amounts.
Combine all in a food processor and chill at least 45 minutes. I like to put mine in ramekins or individual dishes.

   Pomegranite Chia Pudding

1 ounce chia seeds
3/4 cup pomegranite juice.
Let set 45 minutes after combining. This can be run through a processor or left as is.
  I am thinking apricot nectar, apple sauce, the combos would be endless, rev up your imagination. Personally, I like the chunkyness of unprocessed seeds, its a personal thing I am sure.
  Chia seeds are easy to find on line, I get mine from Swanson Vitamins, they have their own brand for $9.89 a 16 ounce container, or a Nutiva organic brand for $6.85 for a 14 ounce package.
  Hope you give these guys a try, they are soooo good.
  See ya soon.

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  1. This time your newsletter came through. I'm enjoying the puddings. Makes me feel like I'm having a real treat without ruining my calorie intake. Keep the recipes coming.