Friday, June 8, 2012

E-coli again, Pink Slime, clorined Chicken

  The news this morning is telling of an outbreak of e-coli again, in the southern states. A little girl has died and many more are ill. So far the source is not known, but usual ones are lettuce, sprouts, and of course hamburger. If you are buying produce, be sure to wash it well.
  I watched an interesting show on the Doctors this week. Let's start with Pink Slime.  A gooey mixture containing amonia hydroxide. At least 70% of the hamburgers consumed in the US are made from parts of animals not otherwise used. Bone, gut, whatever is leftover. And combined with the slime to make it look edible. Sounds tasty, yeah?Wait, there's more.  The buns, along with breads made in the US contain Potassium Bromate. This substance has been banned in the UK and Canada as it's highly carcinogenic. There is another bread aditive called azodicarbonimide. Check labels when buying bread and avoid those. So now put the Pink Slime and carcinognic. Put slime and buns together, you have such a wonderful meal!
  I gave up on hamburger years ago when it kept being recalled for e-coli.Instead, I started buying more chicken. Well, I am going to upset you even more. The chickens, even organic ones, are killed, cleaned and tossed into cold water as if they are not chilled at once, e-coli starts growing. But the cold water contains a solution of up to 50%chlorine. Yep good old bleach. And because it leaves a bad taste, salt water is injected to kill the chlorine taste. So you are getting salt in your diet you didn't know about, and bleach too. Tests run in a lab in CA have proved this method doesn't kill salmonella, so may be worthless. Reputable chicken companies air chill their chickens. You can tell by checking   thelabels for salt what you are getting. The best option is free range organic chicken.
  Well, that gets us to dessert. Who doesn't like ice cream.  Did you know that because real vanilla is so expensve, pipronal, used to kill lice, is used instead. And if you are going for fruit, or pineapple flaver thats made from ethyl acetone,a substance in nail polish remover. And the topper, any red dye (40 in particular) is known to cause ADD in children and yet the FDA has not banned it's use. Natural color, like beets could be used. The safest ice creams are the ones with the fewest most natural ingredients.
  This is only a partial listing of harmful ingredients, go to to get more, and some safe options.
 If you would like to make a safe dessert try mixing frozen strawberrys, stevia or agave,  a little lemon juice andwater and eating that.
  Hope I haveleft you something youlike to eat, I am cooking a pot of beans that will be mixed with fresh peppers, onions andmushrooms for supper.
  Have a good week.

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