Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Long Long Ago

Memories are funny, triggered by the strangest things, a smell, a picture, so many things. I was thinking this week of some of the most memorable Christmas's of my child hood. I was born about the time of the war, in the early 40s. Money was tight, food was rationed, we practiced blackouts, and Dad worked at the bomb plant in Mead NE, which was likely a much more scary job than I would have known about back then. We did not do big Christmas affairs, we did have a tree and there were always gifts, mostly home made. From a new dress( Mom made) to a doll, retrieved from a thrift store, painted and a wardrobe created for it. Or a cloth doll, or dad got a hold of the rollers from the newsprint at the printing shop he worked at sometimes, and cut that roll into round blocks that he painted with bright colors. We had a sock, it always had an apple and an orange, some Good n Plenty's, and maybe a few whole nuts. But we were thrilled with those things, they meant the world to us. If kids today got something like that they would go ballistic. We were grateful for small things and quite happy and content with them. Gram Sharp always saw we had a new book. I collected the whole set of Bobbsey Twins over time. And family, we had family with us for a good meal. i can';t remember what we ate, so it was not likely a big turkey or ham dinner. More likely a big bowl of soup and a sandwich. But times were simpler, and happy. Kids could walk many blocks to school, we spent our days outside playing. Bike riding, roller skating, hopscotch, jacks. Nothing electronic. And we were seldom sick. You could go out in public and not worry about some disturbed person with a gun or a knife attacking and doing in a lot of people. Our politics were simpler too, most presidents were God fearing and based their rule on that. Life surely does change, and not always for the better. Sometimes I would like to go back and spend time with mom and dad again, just being together and warm and happy in our little house. I wonder what kind of memories our grand kids will have someday? Nothing like mine. I wish all my family and friends some of that warm fuzzy feeling from the past, hopefully happy thoughts and memories for you too. And maybe this year will be a better year, how I pray for peace on earth, understanding and caring for each other, doing things to help where ever possible. that's what we are here for, to care for our brothers and sisters and make life the best we can for everyone. Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year to you all.

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