Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Not my usual post, bear with me, hear me out

I am listening this morning to the reports of weather all over our country. Lightning killing people, floods, winds, heavy rain, extreme heat, and a polar vortex that brings storms as it brings a cold front. Have you ever really thought about how weather, among other things has changed since 1962? That's when we were forced to take God out of our schools, and slowly out of our government and many other places. Much like the old Israel, we came here and built a new country, based on religious freedom, and other freedoms which we have pretty much lost too. Both the old Israel and our "new" country were God protected, God sponsored. And we did pretty well, there are always problems, but the more we push God out, the bigger they become. Think about all the shootings in schools, malls, theaters etc. the past 10 years. Why? And why is there so much illness, bad health, cancer, gluten intolerance, dementia and on and on? The more we progress, the worse it gets. And sadly, these changes are brought about by 10% of the population that stands up and makes themselves known. The rest of us, the 90%, just sit here and say nothing. Maybe we deserve all the ills of live that have come upon us. Shame on us for being so blasé about life in general. I am going to share a website with you, please set aside enough time to listen to it, we have the power to retake our country and our lives, but it will require much prayer and thought. If we don't act soon, the world we are handing off to our children and grandchildren will become worse and worse, in fact it may cease to exist as we know it, if it exists at all. I am old, and no longer afraid to say what's in my heart. I thank God for all the blessings He has given me, and pray for the safety of my future generations. Here is the site, it is well worth your time to listen. http://www.lighthousesource.com/ministry/love-worthfinding/videoplayer/willgodimpeachamerica-414799.html

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