Friday, July 4, 2014

Face mask recipe, still trying to shed a few pouinds? Ideas to help

It's an absolutely lovely, cool morning on the mountain. Was 60 degrees when I got up. Have changed sheets, washed and dried laundry, been out and planted arugula and red peppers, and watered my deck flowers and herbs. Have a pot of veggie soup simmering for lunch, I make it with turmeric, curry, coriander and lots of garlic, so its smelling really good. Need to do a little more garden work this morning, and plant a few more beans., Have been picking a nice amount of beans and freezing them every 4 days or so, and need to get my yarrow in and drying for winter cough potions. Ran across a recipe for a moisturizing face mask, in a little bowl mix 1/2 cup steel cut or regular oatmeal, the juice from an orange, 3 T plain Greek yogurt and 2 t orange peel(powdered). Just mix, should be thick, spread it on your freshly washed face, avoiding eye area and leave on for 15 to 30 minutes. The rest will store in the frig for a week or so, and when time is up, rinse face with warm water. Don't let the dried orange peel throw you, next time you have an orange, just put the peels on a paper towel, and leave in your oven for a long enough time to dry, then run through your food processor, I never toss peels these days, can freeze, dry, and use them in cooking or cleaning products. Waste not, want not. One of my favorite cleaners is the peels of a couple of oranges in a jar, covered with white vinegar and steeped for 2 weeks, then drained. Makes a great disinfecting kitchen cleaner, and smells nice. Leaves a little shine too. Did you know there are things called obesogens? These are found in our foods, ,and cause weight gain. I had not known about these til I read an article in my Mother Earth magazine. Here are things to avoid, and will help you not gain more weight and maybe drop a few pounds., Avoid plastic containers, use glass or steel for storage. Avoid plastic baby bottles. be aware that even BPA free harbors endocrine disrupting chemicals. Filter your drinking water, never use chemical pesticides in your yard. Avoid microwave popcorn. The bags are lined with PFOA to make popcorn not stick , instead use air pop, skillet popped or do it in the microwave in plain brown bags. Dust and vacuum often to keep chemicals that accumulate in dust under control. Don't use non stick cookware, go for stainless, enameled or cast iron. Take your shoes off at the door, keeps all kinds of harmful stuff out of your house, Using organic foods cuts back on many pesticides. I have found my glass canning jars to be great storage containers, you can freeze things in them too, just leave a couple inches of head space. I don't buy things in cans, and if I get a glass jar, once it's empty it becomes pantry storage. I am sure you can buy glass containers, my mom had lots of them when we were growing up. No plastics back then. And we were never sick, must be a connection. I remember some square, stackable green glass dishes she used a lot. Never see those now days. Sometimes it seems the more we advance, the more we hurt ourselves, our environment and our world. Maybe we are not as smart as we think. I am also aware these days that a lot of minority groups have a huge influence on the vast majority of us, mostly because the 90 percent or so that are the other part, do not stand up and yell, "no, we won't go for that." So many parts of our lives are changing, and not always for the better. Why is it we allow that? Starting with our government and working down to our local groups. I am getting to where I will stick up more for things now, and the heck with what people think, I am allowed to have my thoughts, beliefs and rights too. It's Independence Day, so be happy and be independent. There will be a lot of picnics, swimming and fun going on today, hope you all stay safe. My favorite Fourth show is not running on TV this year, love Keith Lockhart and Pops goes the fourth, was broadcast from the esplanade in Boston, with fireworks out on the water after a great concert. Will be a strange holiday without them, hope some network picks them up again for next year. Have a safe and sane fourth!!!

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