Friday, April 18, 2014

E Cigs, Diet soda, stop, read this first

  ABC aired a section this morning on what is now known about the E cigs, they are so dangerous. The nicotine in them is highly concentrated and causes stroke, heart attack, death.  They are not safe for people around the smoker either, on Monday there will be items aired telling of the dangers, so please, if you know some one who uses these, watch the news Monday for the full information.  These were put out without disclosing all the hidden dangers, and you need to read up on the data coming out.
  Also, a new study by the University of Iowa  is telling us that diet soda  causes a 50% increase in heart attacks, strokes, stomach bleeds.  The fake sweetening is to blame, a lot of them use aspartame which is a deadly substance, we have been warned to read labels and avoid this ingredient.  Aspartame turns off your sweet switch in the brain and makes you crave more sugar on top of the other dangers.  This increases your chance of high blood pressure, diabetes,  and high cholesterol. The caramel coloring, also a fake substance is not good, can cause stomach bleeding. To help get off the diet stuff, mix  seltzer water 50/50 with the pop, increasing seltzer as you go until you can quit the soda. If you have a family and want to see them grow up, get away from this stuff.
  If you are looking at improving your health,  there are 4 easy steps to follow, alla Dr. Oz.  Much more information available on his site, but here we go:
1.  No processed foods, they do not digest well, stay in your stomach way too long and cause all kinds of health problems. They are full of preservative, to make them shelf stable for years, so think about what they do to your insides.
2. Buy organic when you can, most thick skinned fruits and vegetables are safe as you peel them. If you are zesting citrus, get organic. Greens, potatoes, grapes, thin skins, buy organic. Cabbage you can peel off the outer leaves, and good news, bugs are not fond of asparagus so its safe.
 3, Make your water wetter.  Add a dash of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon juice,  kind of like Gatorade, gives you electrolytes.
4. Eat at home, when you eat out you have no idea what you are ingesting, good tasting or not.  Eateries add lots of sugar and salt to get you
  hooked on their foods, and who knows what else. Like salads, if you get them dressed, the calorie count is through the roof, get dressing on the side.
  If you love ice cream here is a way to get your fix, and boy can you alter this to suit your taste. Freeze sliced bananas, toss a few in your blender or food processor with 2/3 cup plain Greek yogurt, one ingredient, organic milk.  Whiz that up then toss in what you like, honey and vanilla, fresh frozen fruit of any type, peaches, strawberries, blueberries etc.  Even nuts. Eat immediately.
  Last week was a bit strange. We had the blood moon on the first day of Passover, it was warm. Next day the temps dropped and there was snow in the air all afternoon. Too warm for it to stick, but looking out the window at all the redbuds, dogwoods and new green leaves, with snow everywhere in the air, was strange to say the least.,  There are to be 3 more blood moons this year. Maybe next time we will see it if the clouds stay away. 
  Going out to do some weeding today, before it rains(or snows) or whatever again. We are to have a beautiful Easter Sunday, that will be a nice change.  Last week when I got to church, there were several guys dressed in biblical clothes, one representing Christ, and they were walking a donkey around the parking lot. Fun.  Of course, today is Good Friday. . Hope we are all remembering the reason for this day and the coming Sunday.  Much more than Easter eggs and candy.
  Easter Blessings to you and your family.

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