Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring Bridle Party, House wash reci0pe, recalls

  Yesterday morning, I headed to town for an oil change. And new wiper blades at the auto parts store, and gas, and a stop at the bank.  When I get that far, I try and do all the stuff I can at one time. SO , after a long morning, I headed home up our mountain roads.  The forsythia and daffodils are now in full bloom, shining their golden light for all to see. A magnolia tree had opened her lovely pink flowers, and up and down the roads, the Bradford Pear trees have donned their pristine white gowns. They look like a bridal party, marching down the aisles in all their splendor.  No wonder spring is my favorite time of year!  God is waking up all the beautiful plants that slept through this long, cold winter, and reminding us of rebirth.  The rest of the spring and summer season will be blessed with all the colors of the rainbow, and yet. Mother Nature is still flexing her winter weapons, weather forecast says next week we will have a day or two only in the 40's, and a possibility of 1 to 3 inches of snow.  Of course it will not last long as the ground has warmed some, but still, hope this is her last gasp.
   Worked outside a bit this last week, yesterday I cleaned up the area behind the house at one end. This faces north, no sun ever gets to it and the siding on the house molds, turns green and icky.  So I made up a big spray bottle of 1 cup white vinegar, 1 cup water and 1 tablespoon of baking soda, and sprayed the moldy areas. That's all you have to do. The next rain will wash off the green stuff. Be a bit cautious when adding the soda, it will fizz up.   This same potion without the soda, but with a tablespoon of Dawn, will kill weeds. Lately  I buy a gallon of vinegar a month, use it for all my cleaning and yard needs. Very versatile and cheap compared to most things. It disinfects, deodorizes and makes things a bit shiny.
  Checked up on some recalls,  nothing too impressive, Fannie May chocolates may contain peanuts, not listed, so if you have a nut allergy, nix that.  Freestyle Blood meters have been shown to read your blood glucose too low.   Lettuce by Freshway Foods and Dole bags of salad mix are both bearing Listeria. And Starbucks yogurt has egg, not listed on label. Hmm, had no clue egg was an ingredient in yogurt.
  Just to add a note of frustration and humor, let me tell you of an experience I had.  My house payments are a "bubba" thing, every two weeks, so some months I have 3 payments, most months 2. The amount kept creeping up, so called the mortgage company to see why. They told me it was my insurance, not them. Went to see my insurance agent and got the amount down almost by half(yearly). Kept watching for the payment to go down, but it has not. Called the mortgage guys again, they tell me it will go down about 12 bucks a payment, but not until May. And oh yes, they are returning an escrow amount due to lower insurance cost. Well.  My husband died 4 years ago, and I have sent copies of his death certificate to all who needed that. BUT. The returned escrow check was in both our names. So when I tried to cash it, the bank insisted they  needed his signature too. I explained, they took sooooo long to confer, and finally decided I could sign his name. I have asked the mortgage company to take his name off the paperwork, but they tell me he is the co signer, so they can't do that. Why is it all this stuff has to be so complicated?  I know others of you have had similar fights, just does not make sense to me. Oh well, I am a small fly in the ointment of life.
   Hope you are having some warmer, sunny days to break the spell of winter, take care, get some sun. Til next time.

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