Friday, March 7, 2014

Be Veeerrry Afraaaid of potatoes

  This is a shocker, I love Yukon gold potatoes, and sweet potatoes, which I grew enough of last year to feed me all winter.  Did you know the most toxic food you can buy is a potato? And it's the number one food kids eat.  Think of all the fries you get at Micky D's or other  burger places. Even at home, do you buy bags of ready to bake taters and bake them? Well, rethink that.   When the fields are prepared, they are sprayed with pesticides. After the potato plants come up they are sprayed again,  maybe several times. And all that pesticide soaks into the potatoes. Even if you wash and peel them, you can not remove the poison from the vegetable.,  They are still highly contaminated. There is 10 times as much  gunk as organically grown potatoes.  So the safe thing here is, if you must eat them make this the one thing you buy organic. The pesticides have been proven to cause ADHD in kids, cancer, Alzheimer's and many other serious health problems for anyone who eats them.   They store well, so if you can find a Farmer's market that has safe ones, put away enough for a while. 
  That white lining in cans is called BPA,  if you are using canned foods, this is  an estrogen, and increases your level at least 10 times. Try looking for jars, frozen or fresh things instead.
  Dairy is a big causer of breast cancer. In our country all cattle are injected with hormones.  These really do nasty things to you. There are so many good alternatives now, there is no excuse to keep making your little girls mature by age 8, and maybe cause premature death from cancer.  If you must use cow's milk, look for organic. And be aware that low fat milks do not allow you to absorb calcium. My soy and almond milks have 50% more calcium than dairy milk, and once you develop a taste for them, they are so much better you never want to go back. My Silk milk is coming out with yogurt now, can hardly wait to find that in the store.
  Went to town for supplies yesterday after several weeks of cold, snow, ice or other keep me at home weather. There were daffodils blooming along the sides of the mountain roads, and you can see green now on the trees and bushes, leaves are starting to open, spring is making an entrance even if slowly. We should have really nice weather temperature wise the next week, then maybe spring will stay around.
  My youngest son has my Mother's Birdseye Maple bedroom furniture in the grandma bedroom I use when I visit them in Nebraska. I have an old, over 100 years,  wash stand meant to hold a bowl and pitcher with towel bars on the sides, that was my husband's mothers.  It has been painted o many times I can't strip it, so have researched a faux finish to  match the other bedroom things. Started working on it this am, have one coat of satin finish paint on and will let it dry most of the day. Needs another coat, then wiping down with gesso, then wood stain, followed by pickling with vinegar water, then the birdseye marks, and finally a sealer coat.  Will take a while, and I sure hope it comes out decent after all that.
 Been experimenting with face cleansers, was not fond of the oatmeal and honey one, so made one with organic castile soap, very small amount, and jojoba, grapeseed and apricot oils and vitamin E. Like this one. Think its a keeper.  If you have that kind of thing on hand, just put 2 tablespoons of each oil, using what you have and like, even olive, and the vitamin E, and add a small amount of pure castile soap. Keep in a pretty container ready for use, moisten face, massage in gently and rinse. Smells nice, works great, even on makeup.
  Hope your spring is springing,  stay well, get out and enjoy the nicer weather.

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