Friday, February 21, 2014

Not more warnings, yep "fraid so

  Well, it has been an interesting week. This time last week, we had snow. Now its in the 60s and 70s and we have had our first tornado warnings along with thunder storms and rain. Like this better than snow. I have yarrow and tulips and some herbs up, and the vinca vine that creeps down my front yard is creeping. Should bloom soon. Nice to see sun and warm again, even if we  will still have a few lapses.
   Been watching Veria living again, it's a great station, if you can find it, there are some shows well worth watching. I have a favorite cooking one, and a guru, plus one called Simply Beautiful that runs down what the ingredients in most cosmetics do to our bodies. They do give good alternatives to make yourself. Last night we were warned to read our jars of face and body creams and lotions, look for  Propylene Glycol, if it's in your product, toss it. It causes kidney and liver failure and other serious health problems. If you would like to watch the show, or get more info, go to   So much good stuff to learn there.
  Was also watching Dr. Oz today, when you hit the grocery store, take Clorox wipes with you, those carts are amazingly dirty, you can get all kinds of viruses, some quite serious. Wipe anything you will touch or your food will touch. If your store does not offer wipes at the door, carry some with you in a baggie.  Never put a baby or child in one you have not cleaned, The conveyor belt at the store is also suspect, someone's chicken may have leaked before you get there so put your produce in bags and wash everything you can when you get home. If you are earth friendly and use cloth bags, be sure and wash any that had meat in them before using again.
  From Rodale, I found an interesting article on my computer home page this week, scary foods.  Pop you already know, has so many bad side effects.  Salad dressings may contain chemicals found in paint. Canned mushrooms have maggots, and its allowed by the FDA. Just buy fresh ones.  Cheese contains things grown with herbicides and pesticides, and milk contains unsafe sex hormones.  Bread can be made with human hair or feathers, also found in cake mixes. Gives the product "texture."
By now you must be aware that yogurt with fruit contains crushed bugs to get the color. Most beef is cleaned with ammonia to kill bacteria, oh that's a good one, Shrimp can be grown in filthy pools, then cleaned with chemicals to keep you from getting sick. Popcorn bags for the microwave have a coating on the inside to stop sticking, bad stuff. Also watch out for any colorings or flavorings that are not pure and natural.
   Ok, it's spring, we will be outside more, and so will our pets. Here is a safe flea killer that can be used on your skin or your pet.  I am not good at conversion, so giving the original recipe and hoping you can convert it. In 1/2 liter of alcohol(vodka etc) soak 100 grams of whole cloves for four days, shaking twice a day. Then add  100 ml of oil, sesame, olive, almond etc. Rub onto skin to prevent getting bitten.
  Ancient Egyptian plant that lowers blood pressure?  Fenugreek.
  Started spring cleaning this week, have one bathroom and my bedroom and walk in closet done. Whew, big job. Did the living room a couple of weeks back so have a bedroom I am working on for my grand daughters, the kitchen and laundry room to go.  The bedroom needs redecorating, looking for girl things. Right now it's brown and green, used to have grandsons come, but they have grown up and moved on, miss seeing them. The girls are little so need something enchanting for them. May ta this old brain more than I wish. 
  Hope you are having some sun, and warmer days. Sure is nice to turn the heater off for a change. Take care, get some fresh air and sun. See you next time.

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