Friday, February 7, 2014

Milk, it does a body good, right? WRONG!!!!!

  Forty years ago a co worker introduced me to soy milk powder, that was before you could buy alternative milks ready to drink.  Our whole life, we have been indoctrinated to believe that milk is the end all do all for good health. That is so far from the truth. Lately, there are shows on tv and news items telling of the bad things milk does to your body.  It's  a serious threat to drink it. To start, it does not build strong bones, just the opposite, it weakens your bones to the point of being brittle.  It also causes a much greater risk of cancer.  Because of the hormones and other additives, our young girls are starting their periods as early as 8 years old now, half what it used to be age wise. 75% of us  lack the enzymes to digest milk properly causing bloating, gas, and inflammation.  It's long been known that milk causes a build up of mucus so if you have allergies or asthma, it increases the discomfort of these problems. And if you are drinking skim milk, thinking it keeps you from gaining weight, that's also wrong. Your body needs some good fat, not found in milk, and because you are not supplying it, you will eat it elsewhere.  Cheese, ice cream and yogurt are made from milk. I find the soy cheese in the vegetable(fresh) area to be every bit as good. And there are yogurts, made by So Delicious  and Greek God's, They also make soy ice cream. Takes some looking but you can find them. To get more information, pull up Dr. Oz's show from 1-31-14 and watch . If you surf, you can find a lot more information on line.  Would be worth trying a good alternative, hemp, soy, rice or almond milk, cheese and yogurt, just to see how your body responds to it. Think about this, a calf starts out small and spindly but rapidly grows into a hefty critter, ready to become steaks and roasts.  Cows are much larger than people, so do the math and calculate the results.  Goats are much more our size, so even goat milk is better for you.
  Do you eat oranges? What do you do with the peels?  If you strip them off and dry them in your oven or dehydrator, then grind to a powder in your spice grinder, you can  put the powder in a jar and use in your home made face and body creams or add to food. The orange peel is very high in vitamin C. If you are eating or cooking with them, use small amounts.  You can also use half  peels of oranges, grapefruit lemon and limes as a pot for starting seeds, just add soil. And plant the whole thing, it will decompose and enrich the soil.
 Your recipe this week is for air freshener, no chemicals to inhale.  Put 1/2 cup of white vinegar, and 1 and 1/2 cups of water into a container(spray) and add your favorite essential oil or a combination to make a scent you like. Will take 12 to 15 drops of oil.  I like lavender and rose, with a touch of clove.
  Have been attending a lovely little church here for most of the 12 years I have lived in the area. We have a problem. Our interim minister of 9 years retired. Our congregation is mostly older folk, and we tend to be afraid of ice, cold, and driving at night. We have not been able to recruit new members, our younger people have grown up and gone to college, so we see them only once in a while. And because our number is shrinking, we are in real danger of loosing our church.  I am praying for guidance and help, we need to work together and "grow" the church into something bigger. How sad it would be to loose a vital part of life because no ones cares enough to help.
  Hope you are not in the no electricity area,  it's been a tough winter for so many. Much colder here too than normal. It's almost time to start those spring seedlings, at least it feels like we may war up some day. Stay warm and well!

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