Friday, September 6, 2013

Truth in Advertising? Lets pick on some. Gentle face cleanser recipe

 Ever see those ads on tv for mascara? Your lashes go from blah to fab with just an application of this wondrous mascara. Well, guess what, they fake you out, the models are all wearing fake eyelashes to get the effect.  I fell into the trap, have bought the ones that say you will have triple the lashes, etc. We will never get the desired look unless we glue on false lashes before applying the mascara. I think that sucks.  You are not getting something they promise in the ads. Guess that's why mine are all in the back of my make up drawer. 
  I had a yen for lemon pudding last week, so while in the grocery store picked up a package of instant lemon pudding. This is way out of character, usually I do not buy processed foods, but had made this for my diabetic husband years ago. Well, AFTER I got home, I read the ingredient list. Aspartame. Jello, shame on you for using a poisonous substance in your mixes. It went in the trash. You could use stevia or agave. There are companies that listen, one brand of yogurt quit using corn syrup, some hot dogs no longer have nitrates, but you sure have to read labels to find ones that are better. It does show that we have a say in our foods, and make a difference if we stand up and complain.  It takes a lot of people but we can cause good changes.  In the mean time, if you put 2 cups of milk in a pan, and 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, then choose the flavor, vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, just add the flavor and sugar etc and stir til thickened, what could be easier and better for you. And they taste so much better.
 Back to the processed foods, are you still on the bandwave that says, I will eat what I want, the heck with what happens to my body?  Well, processed foods are well know to contain  transfats and those cause inflammation(yep, sinus, arthritis, all those things that make you feel yucky).  If you still buy processed, read the label, there should be no hydrogenated anything.  The label may read 0 transfat, but the law, allows it, under a certain amount, be sure it does not list anything hydrogenated,  even 1 teaspoon of this a day can cause heart attacks, inflammation and lots of illnesses. You really are what you eat.  It sure beats me why people choose to be sick.  All that pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers will get you sick fast. The first rule of good health is to eliminate  the 5 whites.  Flour, sugar , salt, rice and shortening.
  Heard a couple of good tips on The Chew this week for laundry. Like the show, but they are way too heavy handed with salt.  I use more herbs and less salt and find the recipes still work. Anyhoo, the wash, if you are doing colored clothes, turn all inside out and add 1 teaspoon of salt to the wash water to keep colors bright. When it hits rinse, add 1 cup of white vinegar to soften clothes, and when you get to the dryer, take about an 18 inch strip of aluminum foil, crumple it into a ball and toss in the dryer. It will come out much smaller, but you can use this sameball for about 6 months, to eliminate static cling.  If you use the 7 cents a load laundry soap I gave you the recipe for, this makes electricity(or gas) about the only cost.  Saves big bucks over a years time. And of course nothing to make you itchy.
  The debate goes on over safe storage containers. Plastic is not the best, and please don't microwave in it. There are some good products, Nordic ware makes some with silicone lids, can freeze, or microwave.  Pyrex glass is wonderful, goes in the oven too.  These all go back to the good old days, before plastic.
 I don't usually remember dreams, once I wake up there are fuzzy ideas, but mostly they disappear. Except the first of this week, I woke up remembering  clearly details, with images  in my head. I had been with my mom, helping her clean up her floor that was littered with gritty red sugar. The kitchen was large, high ceilings and cupboards that went way up.  I remember telling her I was moving closer and would be able to help her more, as I could just pop in without it being a long trip. And there were images of my home, also with tall ceilings, and big rooms.  That's all I remember, but it's odd because except for one house, my folks never had a big house, and mostly I have lived in small, cozy homes, so the space is making me wonder. Why is this sticking in my head. Mom passed on in 98, so has been gone a long time now.
  Can't leave without one recipe, let's make some Gentle Face cleaner. In a blender, put one cup of milk(mine would be soy or almond) 1/2 cup whole oats, and 1 tablespoon of honey. Blend until creamy. Keep in clean jar in frig, and use a small amount in the palm of your hand, massaging into your face well, then rinsing with warm water.
  Saw a cute thing from my son this am , we are now into hallothanksxmas season.  Summer is coming to an end. I actually have begun Christmas shopping. Little by little, bit by bit I am getting ready. Hope you  are doing well, take care until next time.

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