Friday, September 27, 2013

Pepsi, Quaker, ah ha, do you trust them?

  There is a great station on tv called Veria.  It shows how organic gardening is much more productive, and safer, than fields using chemicals.  Farmers have been brainwashed into believing they need chemicals for bigger yields. Not so. Go to any of the 30 countries that ban GMO's and look at the differences.  For example, in the Himalayans, one acre will support 4 crops, Instead of being neatly planted in rows as we do here, they are bunched together in groups. And the yield is fantastic, in the TONS for an acre. The only thing used on those fields is cow manure. Oh yes, there are bugs, but they are beneficial ones, lady bugs, honey bees, and those bugs help control the "bad" bugs. The fields with chemicals are killing all the bugs, good ones too. DO you wonder why we are loosing our honey bees? And without them to pollinate crops, we will loose valuable crops too.  I remind you of the tomato crops grown in our area, picked green, ripened in ethylene gas, and packed in cans with white linings, also poisonous. And then, they spray the fields of ripe tomatoes they don't want with a deadly poison that kills the plants in 2 days, putting up signs saying if these are picked and eaten, you will die. And of course, then that poison is turned back into the ground.  If this does not make you think about canned tomatoes, I am shocked. There are organic ones available , look for them instead. The price is not that different. And the taste is superior.  We are lucky, grow our own and can for use.
  Yesterday my son brought me a huge, heavy basket of gorgeous ripe pears. I put up 14 pints, plus 3 more pints of sauce. Will be nice for winter eating.  It takes time to peel and chop them all, but well worth it. My hands and arms are still sore today, but not complaining.
   If you think you are being healthy by eating oatmeal for breakfast, make sure it's not Quaker. Interesting, I got into a live chat with a rep from there last week, checking to see if they are GMO free.  He told me they did not use GMO seeds. BUT _____ Quaker is one of the top 5 companies that support not labeling for  GMO's. Pepsi is in that same  category, along with  Ed Rendel, Rick Perry, Barack  Obama and George Bush.   Don't take my word for it, check it out at  Scary reading , and enough to  make me angry. Why are so many(at least 30) other countries wise enough to ban these harmful products, but not the US?  We are so brainwashed  by big business.  Quaker oats are not grown with GMO seeds but are stored with sulfuryl fluoride, enough  to emit 19,000 pounds per year. And it's in your oats.
  Thinking it might be nice to move to the Himalayans.  In some respects, the US is a good place, but I do not feel we are now a place that is of the people, by the people and for the people.  We have little say in anything these days, guess we just have to stand up and keep yelling. 
  We have had a lovely taste of fall lately, cool nights, upper 40's or 50's, and in the 70's daytimes. The days are shorter, I used to leave for town to shop before 7 am and it would be light, now its almost an hour later, and it gets dark much earlier too,  but love the temperatures.  Fall and spring are my favorite seasons, wish they lasted longer. Planted a squash vine this week, hope we have enough time for growing a crop before winter sets in.
 I have been fighting a gnat invasion, and the pears yesterday drew in a lot more of them, so today I have been swatting and setting out containers of honey water to draw them in. Don't like using sprays and chemicals in the house, hate the smell and it's not healthy.
 Are you seeing red leaves yet? The news this am talked of  snow in Washington state, wow, think CO may have had some already too.  So now we start thinking and planning ahead for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Time has a way of flying by,  that's a good thing, change keeps us on our toes. I have done most of my Christmas shopping and have even wrapped a few things. It's easy because I only buy for the very young grandkids and great grandkids. Otherwise we do calls, visits and maybe share canned goods or consumables. We all have so many possession's we don't want  more.  My faves are always pictures, or coffee or tea. Hope you are enjoying these lovely fall days, with the bright blue skies and crisp air, take care, stay well. Watch what you eat!

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