Friday, August 9, 2013

Want Cancer? Arthritis? Heart disease? Aches and Pains? Try these

 Today I am going to tell you about 10 things in our "advanced" world that cause nothing but grief.  There would be a lot fewer people that don't feel well if these were avoided.
1. Phthalates.  These are endocrine disrupting  chemicals that cause breast cancer, and they are mostly found  in PVC pipes,  if you are building a home, avoid those. And in your kitchen, use glass containers for storage, as they are much safer.
2. BPA's  These are also endocrine disrupters,  causing cancer and heart disease. Found in the white lining of cans(are you still buying processed foods?) bottles that you get water in, and other plastic containers. Look for unlined cans if you must buy them. Avoid bottled water, just filter your tap water
3.Chlorine.  Of course this is mostly in your drinking water, or maybe the pools you swim in.  Use a filter at home that removes as much as possible, but don't go to bottled water.  This item causes bladder, colon and rectal cancer.
4.Radon. This gas seeps into your house from the ground, there are test kits you can get to determine the level in your home. Radon causes lung cancer.
5.PFC's. (perflourochemicals) These are found on stain resistant clothing upholstery, pans, and fast food wrappers. Also microwave popcorn bags. Some brands to watch out for are Teflon, Scothguard,  Stain Master and Gortex. They cause liver and thyroid problems.
6. Lead. Mostly this is in paint in old houses, and older plumbing, hopefully we are not having a lot of that to deal with now.  It causes headaches, joint pain, high blood pressure, is a neurotoxin.
7.Pesticides and Fertilizer. Don't use these in your yard or garden, find alternative ways to cope, they are out there and effective.
8.Formaldehyde. This one I know about, caused me a lot of grief. Rash called Lichenplanus for years until my parents finally figured out what was causing it. It is found in building materials, and used to be in new shoes, and clothing was treated with it. Also a lot of wood used in building, and  melamine dishes etc. Causes brain cancer and leukemia.
9.Parabens. This is a preservative used in cosmetics, shampoos, personal products, and medicine. Read labels carefully find ones that don't have this. It mimics estrogen and causes breast cancer.
10. PBDE(polybromatediphenol ether) and PBB(polybromatedbiphenols) This is used in foam cushions, electronics and textiles. It alters brain function, reproduction,  and causes learning and behavioral problems.
 You can get more information on any of these substances at sites for EPA, American Lung association, or Breast cancer site. Take them seriously.  This is one of the reasons my home has become free of store bought cleaners, bath products, laundry soaps etc. I have found recipes to make every thing I need on line, from Green source sites. Mostly using really cheap stuff like vinegar, baking soda and essential oils,  no need to buy anything toxic, and the time it takes to make these items is short,  I even got rid of the green mold on the north side of my house by spraying it with vinegar and soda in water, leaving it on and letting the rain wash off all the green gunk. If you go back through my past blogs, you will find recipes and websites for almost anything you need. I even make my own face creams and toners, slaves , lotions, lip balms etc.
  Had an interesting oil change visit this last week, was reading a magazine when the head guy came in with my air filter, and asked if I crochet or knit. I don't, but he showed me a nest of green yarn in the air filter, and mega mouse droppings also, seems  someone decided to live there.  Hope they have been displaced.
 The mountain is gorgeous with Crepe Myrtle trees, so many colors, from white to pink, purple and red.  We have  has been a very wet summer,  less rain lately, and need to water a bit more, but that's ok, we need some sun and dry for a change. Seems the rain is now in other parts of the states, causing flooding.  We do seem to go from one extreme to the other. Have a good week, look for healthy choices, feel better.

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