Friday, August 16, 2013

Taking back a recipe, news on soda and new recipes

  First, I gave you a recipe for bubble bath a few weeks back. Don't make it. It doesn't bubble. I will keep looking for a better recipe.
  On the GMA news this week, Pepsi and other soda brands are trying to resell customers on the safety of Aspartame. Sales are down and they are worried. Well, they should be. You are finally aware that Aspartame is as good as drinking poison. If they want your business, company's need to learn to make products that don't add to weight gain, and don't kill you off at the same time.  We have put up with poor quality stuff for far too long.  Regain your health, read labels, be aware of what you put in your body, it does matter.  You really are what you eat.  If you make it a habit to eat things that do only something good for your body, you will get rid of a lot of your health issues.
   There is a new ingredient to add to your "I won't use this" list.  It is Brominated vegetable oil. It's in sweetened drinks, sodas, PowerAde, Mountain Dew etc. Studies now show that using over a period of time causes skin lesions, memory loss and nerve disorders.  While I am on this subject,  NIH researchers that studied 264,000 drinkers of soda found that it makes you 30% more likely to depression, and  other sweet drinks are worse .The link seems to be the sugar.
  Recipe for a healthy wrap.
 There is a company called  Once Again that makes organic, safe products.  Their peanut butter and honey are used in this recipe.
 Start with a whole wheat  tortilla. Spread it with peanut or almond butter. Drizzle the honey over that. Then mix  1 tbsp. mayo, 1 tsp orange juice, 2/3 cup small dice apple, 6 grapes, quartered, 1tbsp raisins and 1 tbsp. chopped almonds, or nuts, stir and put in center of wrap, roll up and enjoy.  Bet even the small ones in the family would like that. 
   How about new uses for old stuff, lets do Olive Oil today.
  Makes a great furniture polish, mix 1/4 cup olive oil with 4 tbsp. vinegar and 2 tsp lemon juice, spray on rag and dust away.  Got a stuck zipper? Try rubbing a bit of oil on it. Oil your squeaky hinges on doors and cupboards with a drop or two. Use to help remove residue from labels on objects.  Helps shine your shoes, just rub in and buff. Great for your skin and hair,  just rub in a little either place and leave on. Guys, if you run out of shaving cream, use a little oil instead, leaves your skin silky. And of course, use it on your salads, its good for you.
   Saw an ad for a book this week, some of the tips were interesting, if you have mice, put peppermint oil on a cotton ball and leave it where  the mice are, they hate it and will leave., Also, if you have ants around your pet bowls, draw a line with chalk around the area, ants will not cross chalk.
 My lovely daughter in law got really sick yesterday, her BP shot way up, she has had a rough day or two. Just got a call from my son saying they had her pressure down, and she is doing better, but will need meds to control it.  Hope we can keep her in our prayers and avoid a repeat, she will need some recovery time and a lot of prayers and good wishes.
  This week brought some really refreshing cool temperatures, in the 50's a couple of nights, really felt good. Some of the leaves on the maples are already turning red and if we have a little breeze, leaves are swirling and falling. Hope this isn't an indication of an early winter, and a cold one, some folk are saying they are seeing big fuzzy caterpillars already.
  Hope you have a good week, do something healthy for yourself, take care and stay well.

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