Thursday, June 20, 2013

Food IS medicine, you really are what you eat. Lemon's anyone?

If you have not become pro-active about your health, I'm sorry.  It's been well proven that what you eat is what your health reflects.  At this point in life, I am trying to eat sustainable produce, no red meat, and very little chicken and fish. Protein is found in dried beans which are cheap and easy to cook, and can be tossed onto a salad or into any dish you are making. Looking for GMO free and organic products also lets Monsanto and others know you don't approve of poisoning the seeds they plant. I'm very lucky in that I have a small garden and my son has turned the side of the mountain into a large garden. Yesterday after days of rain, I was out early in the sun, picking beans, yellow and green, the first zucchini  of the season(oh boy, pickles soon) and a wealth of fresh herbs, basil, thyme, oregano, mint, chives, and I have yarrow drying for winter cough and flu ailments.  Supper last night was a tasty sauté of zucchini, onions, garlic tomatoes and fresh thyme and basil. My son's garden afforded me some Yukon gold potatoes, garlic and onions, and a lot of lettuce.  So I added a potato salad to the veggies. I will be freezing as much as possible, and canning after the freezer is full, but it looks like all the early rains have made the gardens go crazy.
  I subscribe to a magazine called Mother Earth, it gives me so many good thoughts, and I want to share an article in the new one. Its another item to watch for in the foods you buy, says: Concentrated milk protein, known as MPC's, next time you shop, check ingredients in yogurt, cheese,  and frozen dairy products.  Made when milk is put through an ultra filtration system to remove all liquid,  concentrated milk protein is a high protein additive used to artificially thicken dairy products rather than use a lengthy natural process. Problem is, this is being imported from foreign countries and is putting our dairy farmers out of business.
  This is not a problem for me as I have not used real dairy in 40 years, much prefer plant based soy or almond milk. No cholesterol problems etc with it, and love the taste. Also does away with many stomach problems, as many people are allergic to milk and don't realize that.
  Let's talk lemons, bet you had no idea how many things a lemon could do. They are excellent grease cutters, add some to your dish pan or baking items to help soak off grease, can be put on a grease stained clothing item, let sit over night and wash to remove stain.
 If you have copper bottom items, squeeze lemon juice on and add a sprinkle of salt, and scour to a shine.
 Put some lemon peels down your disposal to get rid of food odors.
 Lemon can whiten your clothes, just add a healthy squeeze or two to your laundry load,  it brightens and of course leaves a fantastic citrus scent.
 It's good for your hair too, leaves a nice shine. Having white hair, I am not sure if I would try it, but the younger ones might find it useful.
 Good for sore throats, just add to hot tea and sip.
 And of course if you cut into an avocado, peach etc, rub a little on the left over piece to prevent browning til you use the next day.
 Lastly, a clear glass bowl of these lovelies makes a charming table decoration. oh of course, I should not forget that you can rub lemon juice on age spots to help reduce their appearance.
 Today is the first day of summer and the longest day of the year. Guess we will now start loosing a minute a day until we get to winter, however that is far away at the moment and I am set to enjoy some warm weather and sunshine.  My sis from Nebraska and hubby will be coming this way in a few weeks, always enjoy visiting with family from home. Took a wonderful trip with them a year or so back to Myrtle Beach, we had such a good time. That's one beautiful spot. We were on the 12 th floor or so, overlooking the ocean, sunrises were spectacular.  Had not really stayed on a beach before, there is a smell you don't forget,  and watching the water is wonderful. 
  Have a wonderful week, enjoy some sunshine and fresh air, and of course time with family and friends. Take care.

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