Friday, January 25, 2013

Welcome Home!

Yep,  have been traveling again. My daughter from Illinois drove to TN on the tail of a windstorm, stayed over night and we headed back to Illinois, still driving in wind. Stayed at her home a few days, got to see both of her sons, and my grand daughter and her hubby and baby girl. Her hubby is a wounded warrior, waiting since November for surgery, in a lot of pain. Can not believe they have not scheduled surgery yet.
 On a Sunday morning, we headed for MO. My Nebraska son met us in Columbia, and we started for his home. Got there by supper time, and I got to meet my new grand daughter, Sam. She is  something else. At 2 months old, already liking to smile and chat, so had a great time getting to know her. My other grand daughter there is 3, and we enjoyed reading, puzzles, and just hanging out. It was a great visit, including Christmas. My 2 sisters dropped in for a visit too.
  Return trip was thanks to my sis and her hubby who were on the way to Florida for a conference. and a great chance to visit on the way home, again stopping at my  daughter in Illinois home overnight. Drove through KY, pretty state.
 However, a slight revolt tookplace while I was gone. Found out real quick the plumbing was out of whack. Power auger didn't work so called a plumber. took three hours to thaw ice out of  the septictank line. Insulation got wet so that is dryin out and he will come back next week and put a seal in one toilet, and  align septic tank lines. We used a good share of my towels to sop up water thatwas running on my bathroom floor.My wonderful brother in law payed for repairs,going to pay him back.  While plumber was under the house, he could hear heat pump, and told me the bearings were going out. Wonderful, more repairs.
  If that were not enough, I got in my car yesterday and drove the 12 miles to town, to bank, post office and to get a much needed hair cut. Shortly down the road, I found the gear shift is not workin right, the indicator no longer moves.I think  I had it in the right gear, but it made funny noises. will need to figure that out. My previously cracked windshield has also developed more cracks.Maybe there is  message here, like, stay home and take care of stuff.Whatever, I am still glad to be back on the mountain, and my cat who was ably cared for by my son here,was glad after a month to see me. She kept me awake, the first night,   sitting on top of me, giving me a  licking. The second night was better and now she is sleeping curled up beside me, so we both get to sleep.
  I can't leave without giving you a recipe I found,have given you a recipe for cream soup base, and if you use onion(powdered) soup in envelopes, you will love this one.
  Onion Soup Mix
 2/3 cup of dried organic onions
 3 tablespoons dried parsley
 2 teaspoons onion powder
 2 teaspoons turmeric
 1 teaspoon sea salt
 1 teaspoon celery salt
 sprinkle of black pepper
Place all in container and shake well.
To use, add 4 tablespoons in place of an envelope of commercial dried onion soup.
Much healthier as you control all the ingredients.
  Well, hoping by next week to have most of the home coming problems behind me, wishing you  and yours a healthy, happy week.  I also want to thank my kids for all their help, this trip would not have occured with out them. And my sis and brother in law too. Glad they are in Fla enjoying some sun, we are getting an ice storm today. Take care

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