Thursday, January 31, 2013

More Scary Stuff i Our Food

  Watched Dr Oz Wednesday, January 30. Got me doing a lot of research on line, checking out things he pointed out. I am blown away with some of this, had no clue about a lot of it.
  Let's begin. Again, they picked on pop and sports drinks, the citrus flavored ones. They contain a substance called BVO's, or bromulated vegetable oil.  This substance has been banned in over 100 other countrys but not in the US.  Why are we so behind?  This is a carcinogenic substance that needs to be banned. If you want the scary info, try these websites for good information:, or This stuff is used as a flame retardant in clothing, and is definetly not meant to be ingested. The good news is, Gatorade has decided to pull it and has added a different chemical to the drink instead, effective in a couple of months. Can't say a new chemical will be much better, but at least the company is making an effort to change a  harmful product.
  The next thing I learned is very strange. Foods that we like brown and crispy, and cook that way, are highly dangerous. Funny, these are natural foods, no additives, but we change them with our cooking methods. Two of the worst culprits are potato chips and fries. They change when cooked and contain acrylamides. The browner, the worse for you. Toast, cereal, potatoes we cook like hash browns and get crispy, the browner the worse. This one we can change. make your toast on a lighter setting, bake your fries and don't get them as dark,  You can soak your potatoes in water before cooking for 1 hour and remove a lot of the starch. That's the culprit, starch that browns when cooked with high heat  I think we can all adjust this one with no major problems. A good link to check this out is or  Both sites are full of worthwhile information, much better than I can shorten down for you. Just remember to cook things on slower, lower heat, getting them done but without turning them a dark color.
  The third one is again, the BPA's. Lots of things are better than they were, baby bottles have been changed, and some food storage containers. You still have to read the labels for content. Cans of soup , tomatoes and other vegetables are bad. If you see a white lining in the can, its full of BPA.  A person who eats one bowl of soup a week has a 100% higher level of BPA than those who avoid  cans.  Babys are born now with a high BPA and that causes early maturity in girls, heart desease, kidney damage and obesity. Instead of cans, look for frozen or products in pouches or jars. There are more of these than you might think, just start looking for them. Harvard has done some really scary studies you can pull up.
  It's been a season of colds and flu, and the new norovirus is hitting a lot of folk. There seems to be a conection  to El Nina years, each cold year is followed the next year by more viruses. The recipe for flu and cold tea I shared  a while back has worked well for my family. You need it at the onset of symptoms. I am out of herbs, next year will grow a lot more and keep on hand.
  I also have an easy ear drop recipe for you, to keep on hand for those problems. in a jar put 3 cloves of chopped garlic,1/4 cup mullein leaves, cover with olive oil and steep in sunny window for 3 days. Warm before use. Mountain Rose Herbs has this.
  Hope you have found some good tips here, and are staying warm and well. It's nearly Feburary, which for us here in the south means another month and the daffodils and forsythia will be in bloom. Still might have some cold  weather but its close to spring. Saw some baby calves last week on my way to town, hope they don't have much more cold to cope with.
  Keep reading, and learning all you can, your health is worth protecting and if you let it slip away, you can't get it back. Til next time

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