Friday, January 27, 2012

Rants, raves, witches

Oh my, it's Friday, this week flew by. I am deviating this week. I have been told that if I lived in another time, in the past, I might have been burned at the stake as a witch. This because I have such a grim opinion of the medical world.
  This all goes back a long way, when I was 15 I had polio. There was an epidemic so my folks turned their living room into my hospital room and coped with all my problems for  over 8 months. I was paralyzed except for my hands and arms. One of the "treatments" was heat packs. These were tossed into a pressure cooker until steaming hot, Mom could not use her hands, needed tongs to carry them and flop them onto my body. Before long my blood had been altered, boiled. So they discontinued the treatment, thank the good Lord, that was torture, and didn't really work.  I was lucky to have a family that worked with me and helped me get back on my feet, had been told that wouldn't happen. Okay, first go round with medicine.
  I married young, 18, and started a family. We were in the Air Force so traveled all over the place, including overseas. A few years in, became foster parents and one of our first 6 babies was ill. She had a lot of problems. Asthma,  abducted hips, all in all, a lot for a babe to bear. She did okay despite a lot of trips to the ER, and we adopted her when she was a year old. At the age of 5, she developed  some bad bruising. We were sent to Denver to a Children's  hospital where she was diagnosed with a blood disease. There was no cure, so they experimented with her meds. She died 5 years later.
  After that, I watched both my parents die at the hands of doctors, and improper treatment. And when my hubby and I retired, he got sick shortly after arriving here in Tennessee. We spent 6 years with him in bad shape,  good share of the time in ICU in Knoxville. It was a scary ride until he died. His doctors changed meds every time we got things on an even keel, and set us back constantly.
  I learned early on to talk with Health Food store folk, they are so knowledgeable. I asked how to avoid my Mom's gnarled arthritic hands, and was told to take ginger and turmeric, which I have done for over 30 years. Now they are becoming well know as anti inflammatories, useful for a lot of problems as most illness is caused by inflammation. I have no pains or distortions, I like that at my age.
 The whole point, be proactive, decide to care for your body and do it. Did you know eating processed meats, like bacon and bologna can raise your chance of cancer over 60%? Is it really worth that? Eating a healthy balanced diet is not that hard. My son has a fairly large garden and I have a small one. His domes have let us have greens so far all ths winter. And of course,  they are available at the grocery store. 
  Learn to care for your body, no one else will do it for you. It's so worth it to feel well. I had a round of stomach woes and considered taking Nexium, or Prilosec until my pharmacist daughter told me the side effects. You will develop brittle bones and anemia shortly. Big Pharma plans it that way. I found  that OTC Pepcid works and has no long term side effects, so just learn to read, and make better options your plan.
  Stay in good health till we meet again!

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