Friday, January 20, 2012

More Natural cleaning ideas, and some helpful hints

 Hi all, only another week and a half of January.  February is an unknown but by the first of March we start seeing daffodls, forsythia and hopeful signs of spring, so we have another 5 or 6 weeks and the earth will start warming up here in the south. I am not much of a winter person so always glad to see spring time arrive.
   Have a couple of ideas to ease the grocery bill today, by making some cleaners out of normal household products. Lets start with glass cleaner:
 1 cup of rubbing alcohol
 1 cup of water
 1 Tablespoon of white vinegar
 Put these all together in a spray bottle, shake well and spring clean.
  Next is a grease cleaner, for your kitchen or where ever needed.
 1 cup white vinegar
 1 cup ammonia
 1/3 cup of baking soda
 1 gallon of water.
This will turn your greasy cooking areas etc into a squeaky clean area, and deodorize at the same time.
  The next cleaner is for your bathroom, sinks , shower etc.
 2 cups rubbing alcohol
 1 tablespoon  ammonia
 1 tablespoon dishwashing liquid
 2 quarts water.
  Mix all together and put in spray bottle. We will have the spring cleaning done before you know it.
 If you are in need of scouring powder, mix equal parts of baking soda and salt and put in a parmesan shaker, freshens and cleans well.
  My grand daughter has taken to sending me blog tips too, here are a few she sent me this week.
  Did you know if you push a straw up through the bottom of a strawberry it will hull it quickly?
  How about rubbing a piece of a walnut meat on scratched furniture to hide the scratch?
  Or get your WD40 and use it to clean your childs art masterpiece crayon drawings off a tv or computer screen.
 Save your egg cartons and use to store Christmas ornaments or other small objects.
 And last today, turn your muffin cup pan upside down, shape cookie dough over the cups,bake, and use to hold fruit or Ice Cream desserts. Hope you are not suffering winter doldrums yet, hang in, see you next week.

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